Domestic Help Menace in Malad Housing Society

by Krishanu

A couple in a housing society in Malad was a victim of negligence, when their domestic help drugged and robbed them of their valuables. The domestic help, which was hired only few days ago only knew his first name. To add to this, they had not got his antecedents verified from the local police nor maintained any other details about the same. They were drugged by means of a milk cold drink, which was laced with sedatives.

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Although, a complaint has been registered but incidents like these can be avoided by means of technology. If only, they used a housing society security app like the ADDA Gatekeeper App, the domestic helps compete data including their picture would have been available on the app. Also, the app records the visitor’s time in and time out, thus offering a great deal of assistance to the officials in probing and locating the domestic help.

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You can download the FREE ADDA Gatekeeper App here:

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