Buzzar – for Service Providers to Apartment Communities

by Krishanu


Dear Neighbourhood Service Provider, Freelancer,

Imagine a typical large Apartment Community… Situated in an area far flung from the city centre, where infrastructure is building up around this community.

Imagine the glee of the Apartment Resident when she finds a new Service Provider who is providing high quality service in that Neighbourhood!

She ensures every Neighbour knows about it, and that the Service Provider’s business flourishes, and more such Service Providers flock to that locality!

Every Neighbourhood has a need to nurture great service providers present in that Neighbourhood.
We at ADDA – India’s #1 Online Software for managing Apartment Complexes, has given this a formal tool – the Buzzar.

You are invited to be part of this Neighbourhood revolution!

What is Buzzar?
Buzzar is a feature on the ADDA app, accessible by Apartment dwellers.

On Buzzar Users can book an organised service available in their locality, and rate the service for the benefit of their neighbours.

Users can also find freelancers right from their own Society or immediate neighbourhood.
On one hand as we are making life easier for residents by presenting them one app for taking care of all their household needs, on the other hand, for aspiring service providers and freelancers Buzzar is a unique gateway to effectively reach out to their potential customers.

Advantages of registering your service on Buzzar
1) Access to a target customer group which you would love to serve
Apartment residents typically belong to upper middle to HNI category, who are tach savvy and early adopters. If you have something unique and valuable to offer, then this group will always turn out to be the first to try it out. Apartment Residents are also typically opinion leaders and influencers. If you are providing a good service and aspire to get better at it, then this target group can provide you very useful word of mouth publicity. And as you would very well know, no publicity is as powerful as word of mouth.

2) Geo concentrated target group
As ADDA customers are concentrated in apartment complexes, you can get many orders or service requests from one locality. This is great for fulfillment of services as it reduces your logistical challenges and increase efficiency of your Agents/providers. For a freelancer, it reduces the need for commuting long distances for providing your service.

3) ZERO marketing cost
Typically you would spend a lot on marketing, distributing pamphlets, putting up banners, spreading the word through digital channels, hoping that you are getting enough eyeballs, capturing enough mind share. You do generate lot of Leads from such open markets, but to a very diverse demography. You end up spending more on the prospecting effort.

Through Buzzar you receive just your targeted leads.

4) ZERO listing fee
There is no listing fee for putting up your service offering in Buzzar. We would charge you a small percentage of your transaction as a success fee, only after closing of a transaction.

5) Verified Customer Base
The leads that you will get through ADDA are all verified residents of a particular apartment complex. Getting verified leads is a dream for any business. It can remarkably boost your conversion rate, save you lot of time and effort which you spend running after false leads, and put your business in a fast track growth path.
(Please note that ADDA respects the privacy of our Users above anything else and the Platform is carefully designed to build and retain the trust of Your Team as well as the Residents.)

6) Focus on your core expertise
Another key to business success is go deep in your service offering, trying to be the best in what you do. Buzzar, provides you the technology required for order acquisition, tracking the order, and closing it with automatic communication to the User at every level, complete with the Feedback loop.

So now, you can just focus on your core business, and excel in it. Leave the rest to ADDA.

7) Cross-Referenced Services
If a User is looking for Move-In Cleanup, the Buzzar also suggest them the Painting and the Pest Control Services. A highly relevant and complete ecosystem helps each Provider grow.

8) Recommendations and Referrals from Residents
On satisfactory fulfilment of service, the residents can rate and review your service in Buzzar. They would also be able to refer your service to fellow residents from the tool itself.
This builds credibility for your service and opens doors for more business. When one apartment resident is looking for a service provider and sees that there is a service provider who is recommended by his/her neighbour then more often than not, he/she will definitely opt for your service. A recommendation from a neighbour is a very strong badge of authenticity and quality.

Hoping to see you in Buzzar, and wish you “Rise High” to fulfil your aspirations and flourish your business.

Yours Truly,


P.S – We have launched Buzzar only in Bangalore for now. It’s coming very soon to other Indian cities.

Click here to get started and register yourself as a vendor or freelancer in Buzzar.

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