How to use ADDA for managing AGM in your Apartment Complex

by Krishanu

It’s that time of the year when you conduct Annual General Meetings in your apartment complexes. Nowadays many Apartment Complex Management Committees have started planning their AGM using an Apartment Management Software. It makes the entire planning and execution process much easier and hassle free.

Here’s a list of ADDA features which you can use for conducting the AGMs smoothly.

1. Opinion Poll

The first task you would be doing as a Management Committee member of your apartment complex is to decide on the date and time of the Annual General Meeting. However, getting a consent on the date from all members becomes a hassle. You can use ADDA’s Opinion Poll feature to quickly capture everybody’s opinion and freeze upon the date of the AGM.

2. Online Notice Boards and Event Calendar

After you have decided on the date of the AGM, you would have to communicate the agenda and other details of the AGM to all residents. Usually, it involves writing letters, printing and then physically putting those notices on notice boards in every block of your apartment complex. Now, here’s an easy way of communicating with all your residents. Use ADDA notice boards for communicating the agenda, date and time of AGM with your apartment residents. Also, put up the event on the Event Calendar. You will end up saving a whole lot of time this way!sms_lady

3. SMS Blast and Email Notification

Send the notification of the AGM meeting as an SMS blast to all your residents. You can also send the same notification as emails.

4. Readymade Online Reports

We are sure that you all have lived your share of sleepless nights. ADDA makes sure that you do not have spend such nights anymore. Before the AGM, automatically generate the reports which you want to present in the AGM from the portal. Of course, this only works provided you have maintained all your transaction records in the system. It’s so easy that it’s almost fun!

5. Meetings and Tasks

Create a new meeting for the AGM. ADDA would send automatic Email and SMS reminders to participants before the meeting. During the meeting, you can capture all your notes at the same place. After the meeting is over do not forget to mail the meeting notes to all attendees. All it takes are a few button clicks! Smart, right?

6. Secret Ballot

Are you planning to conduct an election for a new Apartment Management Committee during this year’s AGM? Online-VotingAnd are you worried on how to conduct it? Well, we have a solution for your worries right here. Use our secret ballot feature. Nominate an election officer who sets up the candidates, conducts the poll online and also only he can see the results. There is no need to have any physical infrastructure for conducting an election anymore. And guess what, even if you cannot make it to the meeting, you can still participate in the election! How cool is that! Once the poll is closed, the scores and attendance reports are readily available and can be printed by the election officer.

Let us know the typical problems you face while conducting or attending an AGM. Leave us your comment below.

Do you have any suggestions on how we can help in managing your AGMs in an easier and smoother way? Do drop us a comment and let us know.

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