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by Krishanu

It is the festival season and excitement is in the air. Nothing brings more joy than celebrating a series of festivals together with family, friends and neighbours. Needless to say, this means a lot of advance preparation to ensure stress-free enjoyment.  society management appADDA Festival

Your apartment management committee will look after the administrative aspect, but it is the apartment residents who ultimately makes it happen! Make this festival season sparkle with use of your Society Management App – ADDA.

Festivals involve a lot of planning and coordination. With the best apartment software in your hands, all that becomes very easy.

Ganesh Chaturthi is first on the list of festivals, and celebrates the elephant headed deity, remover of obstacles, usually lasting for 7-13 days before the idol is immersed. Now is a good time to also discuss the 9-day festival of the Goddess Durga, Navratri, followed by the festival of lights, Diwali. There is some breathing space until Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

How about setting the ball rolling with the following:

  • Make a budget: Start with a list. Depending on the number of members in the family, make your budget.
  • Shop in advance: Now that you know what you need to get for the festival season, mark a couple of days in your calendar to go shopping in advance to avoid the rush. You might want to consider online shopping to save time.
  • Start conversations in your Society Management App: Exchange ideas with other families in your Society Management App, ADDA, share information related to discount deals, advice, experiences and of course, recipes. Enjoy the abundance of goodwill and valuable inputs each time you log in, or use the ADDA app to keep updated on the go.
  • Get your attire together: Need to get apparel tailored and delivered in time for the festival? Use Discover in your ADDA, to find the nearest tailors and start the process ahead of time to avoid the festival rush.
  • Make it eco-friendly: This year, reduce your carbon footprint by going green. ADDA GaneshjiHope you made Ganesh Chaturthi eco-friendly by opting for terra cotta idols. For upcoming festivals also forget about plaster of Paris, plastic and anything that cannot be recycled. Do not pollute the water bodies around your area by using environmentally unfriendly materials. Use flowers and leaves and other organic decoration items. Avoid noise pollution by saying no to loudspeakers blaring music.  The same goes for Diwali. Why not make this year a peaceful one by saying no to firecrackers? Instead, organize a cultural program in your apartment complex and bond with your community, exchanging sweets and good wishes.
  • Get your house spruced up: Festivals naturally mean getting your house ready to welcome guests. Now is the time to give it a quick coat of paint or having that leaky tap or electrical point fixed. Get your house cleaned up and take care of those repairs. Use the Discover feature in your ADDA to get everything done without stress. No more haggling and fretting over the quality of work as they have been rated by apartment owners like you. Enjoy the efficiency of a job well done.
  • Clear the clutter: Now that you have cleaned up your apartment, it is time to remove the clutter. Give away items in good condition. How about posting it in your ADDA conversations to check if others have a use for it? Use ADDA Classifieds to put up Buy/Sell notices. If not, coordinate with others in your apartment complex to pool these items and drop those off in one go at the local welfare homes.
  • Organise the 10-day Navratri in style: Navratri is characterized by doll displays, cultural programs, delicious food and fine dressing. Do your Community Festive Conversations in Society Management App ADDAMany apartment complexes celebrate the 10-day Navaratri with a common doll display, in addition to the ones in their homes. The dolls are contributed by various residents. Get the conversation going to discuss who will contribute what, who will make the “prasad” for the day, who will participate in the pujas and be responsible for puja material and so on. ADDA Conversations is the best place to have such discussions.
  • Form cultural committees for managing the festivals: If you are planning cultural programs, decide who will organise and supervise the agenda, the practice sessions and arranging the costumes. Use Groups feature in ADDA for getting the committees together and keep the discussion going on the go. For such committees, Society Management App, ADDA can be a huge help while planning. Festival celebrations often include contests for children to nurture their talent and feel the pride in their performance. Discuss who will be in charge of these, organize prizes, participation and invite chief guests. Consider inviting someone from your own apartment complex and make them feel special.
  • Click a lot of photos: Capture all the special moments in your mobiles and cameras. Do not forget to use the ADDA Gallery to upload photos so that you can all enjoy, and relive the moments.

So why wait? Login to your Society Management App, ADDA now and start discussions on the upcoming festivals.

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