Green Living With Carpooling In Apartment Complex


One of the best ways of reducing your carbon footprint is by carpooling. This is a great way for groups of people heading in the same direction at the same time, to commute together by sharing a ride.

carpooling in apartment

carpooling in apartment

carpooling in apartment

Why carpool?

Compared to driving alone, carpooling in apartment is beneficial in many ways, including saving money and resources, fuel, parking charges, vehicle maintenance and of course, making sure everyone arrives at their destination on time. It also minimizes the number of vehicles on the road. Environmentally, it reduces the emission of greenhouse gases that harm the atmosphere and cause pollution.

Considering the traffic issues and difficulty commuting, carpooling could well be the solution to getting to work on time and can eliminate the frustration related to transportation. With the number of apartment complexes on the rise, roads are becoming more and more congested. It can be very frustrating to wait at traffic signals. If you live in an apartment complex that is in the outskirts of the city, the commute to the city becomes very tasking.

Besides the above, carpooling in apartment is a great way to bond with other residents in your apartment complex and grow into a strong community.

Why many people don’t carpool

The main hindrance towards carpooling is that most employees usually do not have a fixed time to leave office. That makes it difficult to coordinate and arrive at a common time for carpooling. However, with a bit of planning regarding work schedules, a common time for leaving office can be arrived at.

Making Carpooling a success with use of the ADDA app

Apartment complexes are ideally suited for carpooling. It is easy to find a set of people who are going to a common destination for work in any apartment complex. Therefore carpooling in apartment becomes easy to implement.

Start by downloading the ADDA app, if you haven’t already. With this, you can literally take your apartment with you everywhere you go and stay up to date about everything regarding your society.

Log in with your ADDA account (if you have one, use it. Or create one with a few clicks)

Use Conversations:
You can start a conversation in ADDA to identify people traveling to the same area at the same time.

ADDA Conversations

ADDA Conversations

Use Groups:
Once you have identified neighbours who are willing to carpool, you can form your own group inside ADDA. In your group, you can finalize the logistics of carpooling, who takes the car on which day, start and return time, how to share costs, etc.

ADDA Groups carpooling

ADDA Groups carpooling

Pledge to carpool today. Share a car and use one for three instead of three for three, especially if you are all traveling on the same route with a common destination. In fact, you can also team up with those using two-wheelers. Enjoy the cost savings, reduce your stress and stay healthy!

Are you carpooling? What are your thoughts on carpooling. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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