Benefits of Raising Kids in Apartment Complexes


With rising property costs and inflation, not everyone can afford an independent house. While most people might dream of their own bungalow set in sprawling lawns, it really does make more sense to opt for living in an apartment for its multiple benefits, as it promotes green living, better utilization of resources and more interaction among residents. Then there is the advantage of safety, lower maintenance costs, access to amenities, greater choice of location, security, and finally, cost savings!Kids in Apartment Complex

But what about raising kids in an apartment complex?

Wouldn’t it be better if you had a large house of your own? Not necessarily. Millions of people are realizing the invaluable benefits of raising children in an apartment and when you weigh the advantages against the shortcomings, it is well worth it. Here are some of them.

Easy to supervise

When you live in an apartment it is easier to supervise your kids as they are usually within earshot enabling you to keep an eye on them. This can be a great relief especially with young children who need to be watched 24×7.

Access to facilities

Whether it is a gated community or an apartment complex, chances are good that there is easy access to various hobby classes/groups, sports, schools, swimming pools and other amenities. It is quite likely that the complex has a community center/clubhouse where lots of group activities such as music and art classes are organized. Some apartment complexes also have study groups where the older children help the younger ones with their school work. This makes a big difference when you have kids, particularly if you have to ferry them back and forth.

Using ADDA

Using ADDA platform and app you can easily stay up to date with the various activities going on in your apartment complex. Also if you want to book any society facility for your child’s birthday, etc. you can book and make payments through your ADDA.

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Peer groups

children playing

One of the greatest advantages of raising kids in apartment complexes is the ready availability of playmates. This helps parents find children their own age or across age-groups and makes them emotionally stronger and independent. They grow up healthy, learn compassion and sharing with others. Children living in apartment complexes also gain confidence through interaction with others and develop their social skills. And of course, it means parents have to worry less about their children spending time alone or glued to a screen. Just as the children form their peer groups, so can the parents as they get involved in activities and sports that appeal to them and socialize with like-minded people. There is no chance of feeling isolated or bored.

Support system

It is true that children make it easier for adults to bond with others. The presence of other families with children of their own helps form a support system where you can watch each other’s children, help each other in an emergency, participate in group activities together, share what you know  and generally form strong relationships that can be a source of great strength as children grow up with the same values.

Readily available resources and knowledge

Another major advantage for parents who move into an apartment complex is the access to information about the area, medical facilities, feedback about the best options in relation to schools and other facilities.

Using ADDA

Existing residents are a great source of information. You can form relevant groups where members can ask questions and receive reliable answers. Using ADDA to connect with their neighbours helps families newly moving in make the best choices for their kids with the added bonus of having a readymade community to interact with and ease into the system.

Share details via your ADDA for easy access by residents from anywhere. This can include doctors’ numbers, trusted vendors, and other important contacts to help new residents settle down easily.


child on bike

Almost every apartment complex employs security staff around the clock for the safety of its residents. Thanks to this, children can use the play area without being supervised all the time. The apartment complex rules do not allow vehicular traffic in these areas. This is such a relief when compared to living in a separate property where security guards can be an expensive affair.

Celebrating together

Since apartment complexes are like a mini-India with residents from diverse religions and communities, festival celebrations are a grand affair. Every festival is special and celebrated enthusiastically by the community. This is very important for children as they learn tolerance, appreciate the uniqueness of others and practice living in harmony. When it comes to birthday parties, it gets even better!

Green living through carpooling

carpooling blog pshop

Apartment complexes are ideally suited for carpooling. Since many children are likely attending the same school, arranging transportation becomes easier. Here’s more information about how apartment complexes can leverage carpooling.

Using ADDA

Use the notice board feature in your ADDA to share announcements and schedules. You can also use poll feature for voting and decision making. Form groups related to carpooling and discuss various topics in your respective groups.

Negotiation power

We all know that bulk purchases make more economic sense than individual buying. This applies to raising kids in apartments as well. For instance, if there are ten children interested in a particular hobby, say learning music, you can negotiate with a music teacher to visit your apartment and conduct classes at a lower cost per head rather than making the commute alone to a class at a higher cost. Parents can leverage their power to negotiate to get the best value for their children without compromising quality.

This list is by no means exhaustive and only highlights a few of the advantages, but these alone make a great case for raising kids in apartment complexes. More than anything, it gives parents the chance to be hands-on parents, communicating with their children and watching them grow in a healthy and supportive environment while forming a close bond with them. Your ADDA is a valuable tool that facilitates parenting children in apartment complexes.

Of course, there is always the issue of space, but again, this can be turned into an advantage. In a subsequent post, we’ll bring you tips to tackle that space in your apartment.

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