Save Whitefield Protest: Get your neighbours together through ADDA

Fondly known as the Silicon Valley of India and the hub for web startups, Bangalore has seen a fast growth with regard to opportunities over the last decade. With a steady influx of population coming into the city, the poor quality of public infrastructure has become a major issue, causing frustration to daily office goers and the public in general.

On 30th November a peaceful protest is being planned in Whitefield, from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM to bring to the notice of the city officials and media, the civic and infrastructure problems faced by Whitefield and neighbouring areas in East Bangalore. Though the scope of the protest is only inside Whitefield, it’s definitely going to have an impact on citizens of entire Bangalore. The protest will be conducted without causing any disruption to traffic or civil life.

Most residents and office goers in the region are planning to join this protest. If you are not able to physically be present for the protest, then you can also take a picture in front of your apartment, holding #SaveWhitefield placard and share in social media. You can also place #SaveWhitefield A4 poster in your car at the rear windshield and show your support for the cause.

Use ADDA to spread the word in your neighbourhood

Kick-start conversations in your neighbourhood

If you are passionate about the cause then do spread the word among your neighbours. You would find most of your fellow apartment residents and owners using ADDA. Use Conversations in your ADDA portal and app to let your neighbours know about the protest and garner support.

If you are not a part of your apartment’s ADDA yet, then join now. It’s Easy. Visit, or download the app from here, search for your apartment and join. Don’t miss out all the conversations going on between your neighbours and neighbourhood updates anymore.

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Take pictures of yourself with #SaveWhitefield placard, be it from your apartment, office or while you are a part of the protest in the road, and along with sharing in social media, also share it in your ADDA to motivate your neighbours to also join in the protest.

Take pictures of the placard in your car, and share in ADDA. This will help spread the initiative across all the cars in your apartment or office.

During the protest, take pictures with your neighbours, tag ADDA and post it on Facebook or Twitter. We will help to promote your messages further.

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If you want to get people together to volunteer then share the requirements in your ADDA. You can be sure to get volunteers among your fellow residents and owners from your apartment complex. For the volunteers you can form a subgroup inside your ADDA and have threaded discussions with them.

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We wish the organisers all the success for this protest and extend our support to the cause. Together, let’s bring a change and progress towards a better Bangalore!

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