Tips to Get Your Apartment Ready for Winter


It is that time of year when many parts of the country start gearing up for winter. Mother Nature shows her cold side even as she bestows us with some of the most colorful produce during this season. The days seem shorter as it gets harder to wake up early and start the day. Cold and flu becomes a part of life as we pay tribute to the medical profession with frequent visits.

The warm clothes and woollens come out from storage to be aired and dry-cleaned as required.

As you get ready to keep your family cozy and warm, what about your apartment?

Here are some simple tips to get your apartment ready for winter and stay warm; some small changes which can add up to big benefits:

1. Start with your curtains and drapes

Those windows that were a boon in summer, bringing in the refreshing breeze to help you stay cool can be a bane in winter. Replace those light drapes with thicker ones to retain the warmth in your living space. Go in for floor length curtains to keep that cold wind from sneaking in. If there is a room you don’t use often, keep its door shut to save heating costs.

Warm in Winter

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2. Apartment Maintenance

a. Fix air leaks and other repairs

Having an airtight home preserves your indoor temperature. One of the most common routes from which heat and cold escape is the space around your windows and doors. Check for air leaks and fix them. Take a look at the door frame to see if there are channels allowing air in even when the door is shut. Look for repairs to fix around the windows. If the beading is worn, get them replaced. A fresh coat of paint for the windows can fix minor crevices while giving your home a brighter look.

If there are damp patches on the walls, it can invite mould which is dangerous to health. Find a plumber to identify leaks and have them fixed. Have an electrician check and fix wiring and switch issues to ensure that all appliances are in fine working condition.

b. Keep your foot warm – Get your existing floor rugs and carpets cleaned

While walking barefoot on the floor can be welcome in summer, cold winter floors can make you flinch! Footwear can solve the issue to an extent, but what if you are raising kids who love to run around energetically? Floor rugs and beautiful carpets can enhance the look of your home while keeping your feet warm, giving everyone the freedom to walk barefoot. Also, rugs absorb the cool air while staying warm. You can now look forward to cozy evenings with your family, safe from the cold weather. And don’t forget to keep your pets warm, too.

c. Check maintenance must-dos

Here is a quick checklist of mandatory maintenance to take care of

  • Since your heaters are likely to have been unused for some months, get them serviced. If you have a fireplace, have it cleaned as well.
  • Winters attract small pests so you might want to check your apartment and get preventive pest control services via your ADDA app.
  • Keep those flashlights and candles easily accessible
  • If you have a garage where you store stuff, put away summer things safely as you won’t be needing them in winter.

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3. Rearrange your home

Get ready for to stay warm by giving your home a new look. Summers are a wonderful time to have that sofa or study table by the window, but winter? Not so much. Move your furniture around to maximize your apartment’s warmth. Shift that sofa or bed away from the window to an interior wall. If you use a room heater, make sure there is no furniture in front of it as it can block the heat from filling the room. Add some bright colours to your furnishing with colourful cushions and drapes.

4. Stock up your kitchen

Winters are for hot tasty soups, porridges and slow-cooked meals. Go ahead, take a little time to plan your menus and stock up your pantry so that you don’t have to run out in the cold to get something at an odd hour.

5. Check your warm clothes

It is a good idea to take stock of your warm clothes so you can air them, dryclean them and if necessary, mend minor repairs. If you have children, chances are they’ve grown out of their last year’s warm clothes – so go shopping before winter sets in and buy from off-season sales. Storing them properly can make them last several years.

As you get ready for winter, now is a good time to clear out the clutter, giving away anything that is no longer of use to you. Clothes that don’t fit can be donated to the homeless. Use your ADDA app to start a conversation with your neighbours and initiate a collection drive. Enjoy the pleasure of making a difference in several lives!

Do you have tips to share on getting your apartment ready for winter?  We would love to know in the comments.

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