Verification is Better than Cure – Free Verification Services for ADDA Users


Being an apartment owner or tenant can bring with it many responsibilities, one of which is ensuring family safety. On a daily basis, you interact with various individuals for a number of reasons.

Verification Service

For most people, the day begins with the maid coming by to help with housework. This may be once or twice a day. They have the run of your house and you expect them to work independently as you focus on what you need to do.

Then there is the cook, who makes your life easy by preparing your food for the day. You trust them with your family’s health and well being.

Next is the driver. You trust him with your life, as well as your family’s, when he is behind the wheel to ferry you from one point to another as you tackle the day’s work.

Have a garden? You probably employ a gardener to tend to your plants a few times a week.

The apartment where you invested your hard-earned money as security for your future just became vacant and you need to find new tenants. You have shortlisted one or two, but before making the all important decision, how do you know whom to trust?

Do you know the background of these people? Can you really trust them?

Considering the growing crime rates and the fact that there are several criminal cases reported every day, a majority of them involving domestic help and taxi drivers, it has become imperative to take action.

We at ADDA realize this and has taken the initiative to give you the gift of safety this Diwali!

Launching Free Verification Services for ADDA Users

Our newly-launched Verification services on ADDA Buzzar, in partnership with BetterPlace, a premier Verification Service Provider in India, aim to:

  • Verify household help before hiring
  • Verify Tenants before you hand over the keys of your house to them
  • Ensure that the person you are entrusting with responsibilities is trustworthy
  • Safe interactions
  • Safety from fraud, misuse of property, threats and violence

BetterPlace, is bringing to you FREE verification services of maids, drivers and tenants till 16th November. This is our gift of safety to all ADDA users this Diwali.

Verification service includes:

  1. Up to 2 Identity checks of the individual (Aadhaar, Voter’s, PAN, DL)
  2. Criminal/Court record checks (at Supreme/High/District court levels)
  3. 1 current address physical check (against the address details provided)
  4. Mobile number registration check

Avail this service and ensure the trustworthiness of people who will be closely associated with you and your loved ones once you hire them. You no longer have to rely on word of mouth referrals or a domestic help agency.

Imagine risking your and your whole household’s safety and well being with someone you just hired, someone you don’t know much about, besides what their bio-data says. There have been instances when the apartment owner or tenant had no idea that they had a convicted felon under their roof in close proximity with their children.

How to access verification services

Login to your ADDA app. Visit the BUZZAR section and navigate to Services, under which you will find verification services.

Verification Service Buzzar

Enjoy Tenant Verification, Driver Verification and Maid Verification FREE for a limited period. That’s a 100% discount on the services. Click on the appropriate service, fill in the relevant details and confirm booking. BetterPlace will revert to you with the required verification information.

This Diwali, Gift Safety to Your Family! Before you hire help, have them verified. Better safe than sorry!

Use your ADDA app to find reliable service providers who have been rated by apartment residents just like you. 

Login to your ADDA now and share this article with your neighbors. Not only your domestic help, but help of your neighbours also have close access to your family.

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ADDA is the essential app for every apartment resident!

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