5 Steps to Transform Security of your Apartments – Gatekeeper App

by Krishanu

One of the main reasons why people choose to live in Gated Communities is the security of their Home and Family.  However, the Security Gate is one of the most non-digitized aspects of a Gated Community.

ADDA Gatekeeper App gives them additional reasons to live in apartments.

This New Year, why not change that?!

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With increasing popularity of home delivery for food, services or ecommerce goods, every day multiple delivery personnel visit your community, many of whose backgrounds are not checked properly. Thus, tightening the security around your home has become a pressing need today.

Also, Residents dislike having their Guests wait at the Security Gate in the long queue of delivery boys and other visitors, waiting to make their entry and waiting for the intercom call to be made to you.

Gatekeeper solves these problems elegantly.


Presently, all visitor and staff records are maintained in physical registers, which are cumbersome to maintain and makes searching for any historical records extremely difficult. In the Gatekeeper app, visitor’s name, contact number, car number, photo, and more such details can be captured in a jiffy and updated at the back end in real time. This app enables the security guards to function in an advanced and a swifter manner avoiding long queues at security gates. This app has multiple uses, like, the security guards can look up the details of the resident the visitor has come to meet and verify by sending an SMS or calling the concerned resident directly from the App.

Above everything else, this App is awesomely easy to set up. Even for apartment complexes which have 500+ apartments, it just takes an hour to set up Gatekeeper App.

5 Steps to start using the Gatekeeper App:

1. Upload Flats/Residents Data

You need to have basic personal details and contact information of your residents with you. This data is synchronized with the Gatekeeper App, enabling to the security personnel to directly call/SMS residents from the App in case of any requirement. The residents can enter the details of expected visitors through their ADDA App, or online portal and the same details becomes available to the security personnel at the gate. This removes the chance of your guests having to stand in a long queue at the entry gates making entries. If you have the data of your residents, irrespective of whether you are using the Free Foundation package of ADDA or Premium packages, you would be able to use ADDA.

2. Give access to your Security Guard

Manage Users

Go to “Manage Users” in your Admin Dashboard. Add your Security Personnel, create an ID for him and give him access to Gatekeeper.

3. Configure Gatekeeper for your Apartments’ needs

This is a quick 5 min setup where you need to provide details on a few specifics like:

  • Whether to send residents SMS notification when a visitor check in
  • Number of gates you have in your community and the purpose of use for each

4. Procure a tablet for your security guard. 

There are several good low cost Android tablets which are available today. You can buy one based on your choice or contact us here if you want us to purchase it and set it up for you.

5. Download the Gatekeeper App from Android store and start using it!

Download the ADDA Gatekeeper App on your Android phone from here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.threefiveeight.addagatekeeper

You can ask your security personnel to login to ADDA Gatekeeper App using the email you created and password you have set. They can track Visitors In/Out, Staff In/Out easily through this App!


Maintain list of frequent visitors, expected visitors for the day, create entry for new visitors. Visitors who are checked in would appear in “Visitor Out” Tab. Security personnel can easily Check them out from there.


List of Staff Members who are configured in your ADDA gets populated in “Staff In” section. Thus makes easy check in of staff possible when they enter premises of your gated community. Security Personnel can Check Out staff who have entered premises from “Staff Out” Tab.


This is a tab which shows the list of residents. Security personnel can directly call the resident from the App in case any clarifications are required. (Residents contact numbers only gets displayed to the security personnel if it’s so configured from your ADDA)

The Gatekeeper App is very easy to use and designed so that your security personnel has no problems in adopting to it. Some of the highlights of the App are:

  • Mark Visitors as Frequent – You don’t have to fill up frequent visitor’s information again and again. The app does it automatically. You can edit information if required and do simple check in.
  • Photo Capture – Capture Visitor Photos along with Visitor details.
  • App Supports Large ADDAs – App can perform smoothly even when you have a large number of staff, visitors or residents.
  • Real Time Sync – App automatically updates check in/checkout details to ADDA server on the background

If you have issues with internet connection then you can also use the App in offline mode. When connected online, with just one click the whole day’s data is synchronized to the registered portal and it can also be saved in excel format for future reference.

Isn’t that too easy a setup for such effective and efficient a solution?

Download the App now or Contact us here so that we can help you with training and setup of Gatekeeper in your community.

Gatekeeper App was launched recently and it has been implemented with great success by many housing societies across India.

Testimonials from successful Gatekeeper implementations:

It was an incredible experience, with help of great customer service, we launched ADDA Gatekeeper quickly, and now with this App entire society security is digital and no more manual records. ADDAGatekeeper App really helps the society in tracking the visitors with image and provides safety as well for future tracking in case of any incident happened. Thanks for this great app and best part it is working offline. Digital India – Digital Society“, CA Vinod Kumar Atal, Secretary, Palm Greens, Ahmedabad

We rolled out ADDA Gatekeeper at Prestige Kensington Gardens few months back. The App is easy to use and operated by our security staff. They could learn to use it without any training. Residents are now getting notified about any visitors to their apartments. The record of visitors with entry and exit times along with vehicle details is also available for everyone to see. We also record staff entry exit using ADDAGateKeeper. Now our Property Manager has complete visibility about number of visitors and staff inside the complex in real time.

We have now replaced manual entry at main gate with ADDAGatekeeper App. I recommend other apartment complexes to try out this App.” – Mainak Bandyopadhyay, Moderator, Prestige Kensington Gardens, Bangalore

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We look forward to list your Testimonial as well!

Wish You a Happy and Secure 2016!

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