Insurance for damaged cars after Chennai floods. Here are top 3 things car owners should keep in mind.


Chennai floods have already caused a severe damage to your car, but you may not find it apparent. If you have a comprehensive car insurance and want to claim for damages in order to be eligible for that, here are the top 3 things you should keep in mind.

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  1. Do not start your car – Control your temptation to start your car now, as it may cause further damage that might be beyond repair. Try to assess how much your car was submerged under the water. If the water level has reached the bottom of the dashboard, most insurances will consider the car totalled that means damaged beyond economically reasonable repair.
  2. Immediately call the Insurance company – Most comprehensive car insurance provides coverage against floods. It is wise to call them as early as possible since they would have similar claims coming from various parts of the city.
  3. Start drying -In the mean time Check your engine oil, electrical systems and wirings. Brake, clutch, power steering and coolant reservoirs should be checked for contamination. Molds will grow quickly if water has reached a significant level, hence use a blower to dry your upholstery. Do not try to fiddle around much and call a mechanic for a thorough checkup. Even now, insist on towing the vehicle and wait till a surveyor has arrived from your insurance provider.

A flood-damaged car may experience problems even after a year. Get a thorough feedback from a mechanic and negotiate with your insurance provider. Assess the repairing cost and if it is out of your budget, then push your insurance company to declare the car totalled.

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