New Year Resolutions for Residents of Apartment Complex, Housing Society

by Krishanu

It’s the New Year; the time to take new resolutions and set new goals. Why don’t we set a goal this year to make Living in an Apartment the Delightful experience it was sold to be!

Yes! This can be done irrespective of what your Builder did or did not give.

Try one or all of these out as your New Year Resolutions.

Get Residents to CONNECT

New Year Resolutions | ADDA

A lot of good things start happening when neighbours come together to work towards solving common issues. Residential communities across India has the potential of becoming the harbinger of change around their neighbourhood and transform localities to a better one. During recent Chennai Floods, many Apartment Complexes became hubs for gathering and spreading relief to nearby flood effected areas.

To connect residents, however, you have to get all residents on a platform that is meant for Neighbours. Once you have this, you can take many progressive initiatives for your community with everyone’s involvement or awareness.

SEGREGATE E-WasteIMG-20160105-WA0002

Most Apartment Communities now know about segregating Wet and Dry waste. This year do a small addition to it – a separate box for E-Waste. All those dead batteries, outdated dumbphones etc. can be dropped in the e-waste box and recycled in the correct way by the E-waste recycler.

There are many organisations who can setup e-waste collection boxes in your apartment, or conduct e-waste collection drives. One such organisation is Saahas, whom you can contact to setup similar e-waste boxes in your apartment.


One of the main reasons Home Buyers choose Apartment or Gated Community is the promise of Security. A major part of the Maintenance Charges are paid for the Security of the Building. Don’t leave this important aspect at the mercy of Manual Registers and Disconnected from individual Homes!

Implement the ADDA Gatekeeper – which for the first time allows each Home to have visibility into the Security Gate.


This year, let’s not waste precious time depositing Cheques, running after Bounced Cheques, Reconciling Unidentified NEFTs, etc.

Collect the Maintenance and all other Charges of the Gated Community on ADDA payment gateway. Resident receives Instant Online Receipt, Society receives money in its bank, Accounting entry happens automatically. ADDA’s Accounting and Billing module is the best that is there is in India; with 100% automated billing, society accounting has become much easier for the society treasurer and manager. For the Apartment residents making payments, managing billing and payment history also becomes very easy.

Implement One or ALL of the above Resolutions and Pop a Winning Champagne with Happy Residents/Neighbours on New Year’s Eve 2016!

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