India’s 1st App for Management Committee now in iOS too!

by Krishanu

Dear iFans, here’s some great news for you! ADDA Admin App is now available on iOS too! It has a superbly designed UI, it is blazing fast and it makes available all essential features of Apartment Management to the Management Committee, Association members on the go. It has been always a mission for ADDA to support the natural leaders in an Apartment Complex who take up the baton of managing the society despite their own busy professional and family life. This is another small step taken in alignment with our vision.

ADDA Admin App for iOS. The only App for Managament Committee members in India

We had the Admin App for Android for some time now (The only such App available in India). And now Management Committee members / Resident Welfare Association members who are iPhone users can also avail this App. So why wait? Go ahead and download it from here.

While you wait for the install, here are a few screenshots and brief snapshot of some of the features which are available in this App:

Admin App Dashboard which for Management Commitee or Association members gives view of members to be approved, meetings, etc.

Admin App Menu

* Send Email, SMS, Flash Broadcasts to all members – Send important announcements and reminders, instantly. Here you have the facility to send SMSs quickly using previously created SMS templates. These SMSs which are known as “Essential SMS” can be sent to even residents who are registered with DnD list as per a special permission we have taken from TRAI. You can use these templates to send essential and emergency notifications to users.

* Member Management – Add, Verify, Approve or Reject new members and manage resident information, quickly. At one glance you can view all the users who are pending approval to join your ADDA. You can easily Approve/Reject the request to join your ADDA. You can also easily add new users from this app.

* Create and conduct Meetings – You can create meetings from anywhere you are and send notifications to attend the meetings to the relevant apartment complex resident or staff.

* Issue Management – Track and resolve resident complaints, efficiently. You can view all the helpdesk tickets which are raised by the residents of your apartment complex. This app gives you a snap shot of all tickets raised. You can also see the status of the ticket and take action based on the status.

* Purchase Requests can be raised and approved – As a Manager or Management Committee member you would have to often create purchase requests and get approval from other stakeholders for availing goods and services from vendors. In the ADDA Admin App purchase requests can be created, then you can assign it to residents who will approve the payment. Members get notifications that a Purchase Request is pending their approval and they can also approve the same through the App!

* Create Notices – Put up important notification as notices in your ADDA right from your App. These notices become available to all your residents instantaneously.

* Send alerts to Defaulters – You can view all the residents whose maintenance dues are pending and the amount of pending dues. You can send reminders to the defaulter owners/tenants.

Login to your ADDA now and share this article with your Management Committee or Association members.

If you are not a part of your apartment’s ADDA yet, then join now! It’s Easy! Visit, or download the app from here, search for your apartment and join!

If your Apartment complex / housing society is still not online on ADDA, you can create one absolutely free on

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