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The main reason why most of the urban population prefer to stay in an apartment complex is because of the security it offers. Security for the Property and Security for the Family. society security system

However, the most vulnerable part of the Security system in Apartment Complexes – The Gate, faces many critical problems.

  1. Visitor Logs: Visitor data is entered in Manual Register, which is often not legible and often has junk contact numbers. Finding historical visitor log is solely dependent on how well the Manual Registers are filed and located. There have been many incidents reported across the country where crimes are committed inside an apartment complex, the face of accused seen on CCTV camera, but the visitor log is completely useless to identify the accused.
  2. Delivery Boys: With Door Deliveries being the norm in Urban areas, with anything from Food to Laundry to Grocery being regularly door delivered, the number of delivery boys entering the Gates has more than tripled compared to 3 years back. With the Security Guard at the Gate busy managing queue of these Frequent Visitors, calling on the Intercom etc. many entries get missed out and most Apartment Complexes are staring at the possibility of hiring more Security Guards while Wages are on the rise.
  3. Domestic Staff: Today each 100 Unit Apartment Community has at least 70 outside staff going in and out every day – Maids, Cooks, Drivers, Car Cleaners, Tutors, Babysitters, Gardeners. There is no connection between the list of these staff maintained in the Association office and their Entry/Exit at the gate. Associations spend on hardware like Biometric/Access Card Devices, which if they work well also Residents have no visibility into the attendance of their Domestic Staff. The Association also has no easy means of conveying the blacklisting of certain domestic staff to the Gate.
  4. Expected Visitors: Any Guest of a Flat has to wait at the gate till the security guard calls the resident to validate. This not only makes the Guest feel unwelcome but also uses up the Security Guard’s time on expected guests instead of strangers.

ADDA Gatekeeper App takes all these problems head on and solves all of them in a very elegant manner.

Gatekeeper is the second product from 3Five8 Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (The first being ADDA)  With a strong roadmap and dedicated team of product managers working on Gatekeeper, we are all set to transform how security functions in your Housing Society and make it a much safer place to live in. Gatekeeper is also tightly integrated with ADDA.

From Usability perspective, The Gatekeeper App is designed keeping the Security Guard keenly in mind.

Gatekeeper App - The Best Society Security System

Already deployed in more than 100 apartment complexes across India, this is the only such App in India which has been implemented successfully and is working flawlessly in hands of security personnel. Gatekeeper App is also integrated with our ADDA residents App from where apartment complex residents can view their Personal Visitor Log, Domestic Staff Attendance and enter their expected visitors. This information which seamlessly syncs with the Gatekeeper App is used by the Security Staff to easily check in expected visitors, avoiding long queues at the gate.

1. For Gated Apartment Community/ Housing Society Security GuardsThe Society Security System, ADDA Gatekeeper is an easy way to capture data of new visitors coming into the apartment complex and also for checking in Staff, and Frequent Visitors like Water Delivery, Gas cylinder delivery, etc.

Gatekeeper App - Visitor check in

Gatekeeper App - Add new visitor

ADDA Gatekeeper App for security in Apartment Complex

Gatekeeper App - Staff check in


2. For Gated Apartment Community Residents: The Apartment Residents gets instant updates on visitors coming to their Apartments and also can get intelligence on domestic staff attendance. Residents can also enter details of the expected visitors. Entering the expected visitors would prevent having guests to stand in queue at security gates trying to enter the Apartment Complex.

ADDA Gatekeeper - Society Security System Gatekeeper Apartment Security

3. For Housing Society Association/ Management Committee membersThe Management Committee members get complete visibility and intelligence on Visitor & Staff Entry/Exit.

Management Committee reports on visitor and staff managementOne of the most important functions – Move-In/Out process needs integration with the Security Gate. This is also accomplished via the Society Security System, ADDA Gatekeeper.

Some of the highlights of the Society Security System are:

  • Mark Visitors as Frequent – You don’t have to fill up frequent visitor’s information again and again. The app does it automatically. You can edit information if required and do simple check in. Security personnel can directly call the resident from the App in case any clarifications are required
  • Photo Capture – Capture Visitor Photos along with Visitor details. Visitor data and photos which are archived on best-in-class cloud infrastructure, and can be pulled by any time if any need arises (CCTV camera footage is only stored for a few days/weeks).
  • App Supports Multiple Gates – App can perform smoothly even when you have a large number of staff, visitors or residents, or have multiple Gates.
  • Real Time Sync – App automatically updates check in/checkout details to ADDA server on the background.

One of the many success stories is from DLF Garden City, Chennai, a 1500+ Unit Apartment Complex who have recently started using Gatekeeper.

DLF Garden CityTry out the Gatekeeper and Contact Us to transform your Apartment Security all at less than the cost of One Security Guard!

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