App Based Security Management Systems Vs ADDA GateKeeper Apartment Security

by Krishanu

App Based Security Management Systems

There are a few App based security management systems for apartment complex security gates, who replicate the digital visitor entry module of ADDA GateKeeper.

They connect the security gate with the residents, and management committee by sending visitor notifications to residents and making analytics available to the MC. However, only GateKeeper can provide an integrated and holistic security management solution.

Below diagram shows an App-Based security management system, a point solution to digitally enter visitor data.

app based security management system for apartment

What Differentiates App Based Security Management Systems from ADDA GateKeeper?

Here’s a comparison of features:

The part which App based security management solutions also provide.

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Only ADDA GateKeeper provides a comprehensive security management system, which can also provide these following features:

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 Your vision of a secure apartment living, is now possible with ADDA GateKeeper.

Your requirements are unique. Choose the features you need from our ADDA GateKeeper Packages.

A Single Integrated System For Security Management

A SINGLE integrated system means no duplication of our contacts database, useful reports cutting across modules (e.g attendance report and agency invoice), ease of use for Management Committee and Manager who has to look into one single system for everything.

For Residents, this means in the same ADDA App/Portal, which they use for Internal Discussions, Society Helpdesk, Bill Payment, they will now be able to enjoy more features.

app based visitor management vs adda gatekeeper

apartment management software

It’s not only about the features:

  1. ADDA has pioneered the Segment of Online Products for Apartment Complexes. It has the track record of 7+ years hosting and protecting the Private Data of Residents of highly discerning communities across 15000 Residential Communities in India. ADDA has the Product and Support experience of handling Billions of Transactions on its servers, with 99.95% Uptime and Customer Renewal Rates of 95% (industry average 58%).  Just like your Residents Data, Financial Data, your Visitor Data (more sensitive) is also in the safest hands with ADDA.
  2. Our experience in Apartment Management domain has made us cognizant of the sensitivities of residential complex residents (privacy concerns of residents, need for a non-intrusive, yet highly reliable and secure solution). These aspects are ingrained inside the product. No-one else in India has such deep domain expertise.
  3. ADDA GateKeeper was launched 6 months back, and already has Hardware integration with Automatic Gatepass printing, Biometric Attendance, Resident ID Card and Parking Management. Standalone Apps have been in Market for 1.5yrs+ and do not have these features.

No more point solutions, no more handling multiple vendors, multiple Apps and softwares.

Choose Simplicity, Convenience & Value. Choose ADDA-Your Apartment SuperApp, the ONE solution for all software requirements of your Apartment Complex.

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