ADDA GateKeeper: For Apartment Management Committee / Association

by Krishanu

For Apartment management committee members, Security of the apartment complex is always highest on their priority list.

Security drains most of the maintenance cost, usually, most of the resident’s questions to MCs are regarding security. Yet, this is the area in which they have least visibility into. MCs also set robust security processes, but they cannot monitor if they are being followed.

This is mainly because of the below 2 reasons:

  1. Security gate is disconnected from the rest of the complex which is connected through ADDA
  2. The only source of information are manual registers, from which extracting any intelligence is impossible

The only way to connect to the security gate is through an intercom. In many complexes, the intercom is not present. In complexes in which intercom is present, it requires frequent repair, maintenance costs are usually very high.

There are several other aspects of security in Apartment Complexes which are often overlooked.

ADDA GateKeeper platform provides the management committee visibility into the cost they are incurring towards security manpower and their security processes.

This opens up the opportunity to optimize processes, manpower, hardware and save lakhs annually. Few revenue augmentation opportunities also open up.

management committee gatekeeper

gatekeeper security flow chart

The ADDA GateKeeper platform helps the Apartment Management Committee with the following:

1) Supervise Security Activities from anywhere

All the important security related matrices can be viewed as a dashboard from the ADDA App by the management committee. Detailed reports can be obtained from the online portal. This gives MCs visibility into whether security processes laid down by them is actually being followed.

2) Save on Staff Absentee Costs

Online Biometric systems provide real-time insights into staff attendance. Also with an integrated system with accounting and salary systems, it’s easy to calculate salary based on actual attendance and save on staff cost

Staff IN-OUT gatekeeper

3) Save on Water Costs

With online water tanker tracking, remove loss incurred from pilferage and non-adherence to processes.

4) Optimize number of Security Guards

With insights into visitor trends, security processes, optimize the number of security guards in your complex and save big time on security staff costs.

gatekeeper analytics

5) Easy to manage staff information

A one-time registration of staff makes the data available for check-in at the gate in the GateKeeper App or in biometric systems. Capturing the photo of the staff and creating a staff entry is incredibly easy using the Admin App.

Blacklisting any staff is easy. Once this is done this data becomes seamlessly available at the gate too.

Staff Details adda gatekeeper

On an average Apartment management committees can expect around 6X return on their investment in ADDA GateKeeper.

Read more about benefits of ADDA GateKeeper:

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