ADDA GateKeeper App: For Apartment Residents

by Krishanu

Apartment Residents are typically in the dark regarding the visitors who are coming to their apartment.

For working couples with elderly parents and/or kids at home, such solutions have come as a huge boon as they come to know real time about all visitors coming to their flat.

Working mothers are relieved of the task of calling their home multiple times to find out if their kid’s music teacher or tutor has come or having to call home multiple times to ensure someone is there in case you are expecting a courier.

There are several other aspects of security regarding Apartment Living which are often overlooked.

With ADDA GateKeeper App, where visitor and staff entry happens digitally opens up a plethora of benefits for residents.

ADDA gatekeeper app advantages for apartment residents

Advantages for Apartment Residents

ADDA gatekeeper app security flow chart
In the same ADDA App, which Residents use for Internal Discussions, Society Helpdesk, Bill Payment, they also get following features:

1) View Notification on Visitors coming to one’s flat:

Get notifications when any visitor checks in against our flat. With this be in the know of everyone coming to your Apartment.

visitor notification .- ADDA gatekeeper app

2) Enter Expected Visitors

Make your guests feel welcome. Pre-authorize your guests by entering their details on the ADDA App. Guest will get an SMS complete with a map location of the complex and your flat number. This SMS will be used at the gate to provide a seamless entry to guests.

ADDA Gatekeeper app

3) Access Online Resident ID Cards

Carry your resident’s ID card in the ADDA App, which can be used for authenticating yourselves as residents, at the Gate or club house. This is for making sure that your facilities and compound are not misused by outsiders.

ADDA Gatekeeper app - Resident ID

4) View Domestic Staff Attendance

Apartment complex check in/check out data of your maid/cook/driver can be viewed on the ADDA App. You can check this attendance during making monthly payments. View Bank details, ID cards of maid, cook to make online salary payments #GoCashless

ADDA Gatekeeper App - Staff check in/out

5) Panic Alert: Get help from Neighbours, Security in case of emergency

In case you observe any suspicious activity that is compromising your or your fellow resident’s safety, or you need any emergency help, you can send emergency notification to Security Guards, few neighbors and your emergency contacts with a simple button click.

“Panic Alert” notifications, will be treated with utmost priority by the security staff.

ADDA app - panic alert gatekeeperADDA app - panic alert gatekeeper

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