ADDA GateKeeper: A Comprehensive Apartment Community Security Management Solution

by Krishanu

ADDA GateKeeper brings together the 3 most important stakeholders in Apartment Community Security – The Security Guards, The Management Office/Manager, and The Residents, through ONE Integrated solution.

integrated security management system

Capturing visitor and staff entry data digitally opens up a plethora of benefits.

  1. For Gated Community Security GuardsADDA GateKeeper equips the security guards to monitor visitors better.
  2. For Gated Apartment Community ResidentsThey get visibility into the security gate, gets ability to be involved in making the apartment complex more secure, and also gets ability to seek immediate help when needed.
  3. For Gated Community Management CommitteeAlso visitors’ data becomes seamlessly available to the management committee, society manager in form of easily consumable reports and dashboards through which they can check online If the security processes put in place by them are being followed diligently by the security guards.

GateKeeper is also specially designed:

  1. For easy use of Security Guards who are not tech savvy and highly educated
  2. Enabling enhanced visibility of screen even when used outdoors

Here’s a list of all the lacunas in present Apartment Community Security which GateKeeper fulfills

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A typical Apartment Complex today already has some of these building blocks towards Security:

  • Security Guards
  • CCTV Cameras
  • RFID Boom Barriers
  • Biometric Devices

But most of these are point solutions, with information captured by one system not available to other systems. A product like GateKeeper provides some more important building blocks towards Apartment Security and also the cement which brings these building blocks together.

Such an end to end solution gives Management Committees visibility into the lakhs they are already spending on your Apartment Complex Security and also brings security manpower and equipment they already have, to true use of Apartment Residents.

The salient modules present in GateKeeper are:

  1. Visitor Management
  2. Staff Management
  3. Goods & Vehicle Entry/Exit Tracker
  4. Communications Manager
  5. Security Analytics
  6. Emergency Management
  7. Security Hardware Integration
  8. Master Data Management
  9. Residents ID Management
apartment security gatekeeper features list

ADDA GateKeeper Features

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