Workshop for MC/RWAs : Neighborhoods of Tomorrow: A Major Hit

by Krishanu

100+ Management Committee members from across Bangalore were a part of our visionary workshop: Neighborhoods of Tomorrow held on 19th March, 2016. A perfect platform to network and learn, this is what the attendees had to say about the Neighborhoods of Tomorrow workshop.

This workshop has provided me a whole new perspective on how responsible citizens can make a difference to our communities and create a change. I would like to personally thank the ADDA team for organizing this and initiating a dialogue among communities. The panel discussion on Safety, and also Waste Management was excellent and it was useful to hear Mr. PC Mohan’s views on urbanization and problems facing Bangalore and its citizens.

I am very impressed with the commitment of the ADDA team and would be willing to volunteer during weekends with the ADDA team.

– Mr. Ravi Kumbhat, MC member, Nitesh Forest Hills

This is an excellent initiative. Interaction was wonderful. Subjects were very apt. I learnt a lot from the workshop and I could also share my views. Please conduct this initiative at least once every alternate month.

 – Nagarjuna Rao, President, Salarpuria Splendor

Sessions were well designed. Glad to listen that everyone is today acknowledging the issues regarding waste management and also their solutions. It would be appreciable to have more sessions on legal counselling to MC’s. Example: How can consumer courts help in addressing quality issues with builders? Is electronic voting legal under KAOA 1972?

Appreciate the efforts of the ADDA team.

 – Sangeeta Chadha, MC Member, Prestige Kensington Gardens

Very important and very useful workshop for all apartments

– Sundaresan. S, Manager, Nagarjuna Greenwoods

Really good workshop

 – Anoop T, MC member, Rohan Jharoka II

Very good effort. Thank you. Please invite for all other such sessions.

 – Aby Alexander Vaidyan, MC member, Sumukha Kalpavruksha

Very good workshop. Got some important information and takeaways.

 – Rakesh Barya, President, Klassik Benchmark

Great Content. Very useful. Will help if we can do a lot of collaboration virtually too. There should be more focus on time control. But loved the content.

 – Arun Pingaley, Treasurer, Spectra Cypress

The entire program has been coordinated well.   The program is well appreciated and the takeaways will help the participants to add value to the roles they play in their respective apartment associations. However, the number of topics could have been reduced to give more time to panelists to speak on each topic.

 – KV Divakaran, President, Maangalya Prosper

It was a really useful workshop. However, you could have reduced one topic to increase the time devoted to other topics.

 – Rajesh Kumar CN, MC Member, Aratt Felicita

Got a lot of useful information from the workshop.

 – Rebekka Mohan, MC member, Shalimar Apts.

Very good workshop.

 – Mani Kantan, MC Member, Mahaveer Ridge

The most informative meet I have ever attended. Would love to know more about RERA and builder handover processes.

 – Jerin M. Jose, Midtown Opulent

Excellent workshop and content.

 – K A Rajesh, MC member, Golden Homes

Our heartfelt thanks to all the Management Committee members who made it to the Neighborhoods Of Tomorrow workshop in spite of their busy personal and professional schedule and making it an awesomely interactive and successful workshop. Also, thanks for your wonderful feedback and suggestions.

Together we RISE HIGH!

Hope to see you at our next workshop, which we will be conducting soon!

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