Rise High Chronicles: Apartment Neighborhood Initiatives of The Imperial, Mumbai

by Krishanu

Builder makes the High Rise.
The Community makes it Rise High..”

As an embodiment of the same motto, we are give The Rise High Award which is the only award in India, recognizing Apartment Community Initiatives. As a part of the 2016 chapter of the awards, more than 200 entries came in from across India, among them 35 was shortlisted. The first runner up was The Imperial, Mumbai, India’s highest residential towers. The second runner up was Palm Greens, Ahmedabad and the winner of the award was Blue Ridge, Pune. The award was presented as a part of our recent workshop in Bangalore titled: Neighborhoods of Tomorrow.

The Imperial Mumbai

Below are some of the inspiring intiatives being conducted at The Imperial:

1. Waste Management

Waste management is a mandate from the government in Bangalore, and hence almost all apartment complexes in Bangalore have already adopted waste segregation and disposal. However, for other cities, waste management is not a mandate. The Imperial, Mumbai by adopting waste management is setting an example for apartment complexes in Mumbai. The Imperial’s waste management initiatives have been recognized and published in newpapers in number of occasions. While they are already practicing proper waste segregation and waste disposal for solid and wet waste, they have also been one of the earliest Apartments in Mumbai to implement e-waste management having implementing such initiatives since 2012. In 2012 the program was started by creating awareness among people about problems created by e-waste. There was initial reluctance to give up conventional methods of e-waste disposal. Now e-waste is collected in designated bins and the content is sent to  a scientific recycling facility.

2. A Paperless Community

With use of an online portal (ADDA) for all communications and management, The Imperial has gone totally paperless building an environmentally conscious society.

3. Reducing the Electricity Bill

With the rising cost of electricity bills, The Imperial has replaced all their electricity lights with LEDs. This initiative have resulted in considerable cost savings for the Apartment Association.

4. Staff Welfare and Knowledge Programs

There are regular knowledge sessions for the staff conducted in The Imperial. These sessions include providing the staff with knowledge on usage of Tobacco and Alcohol, Hygiene, etc. To inculcate professional working environment in the Society, none of the residents are permitted to give any sort of tip in terms of cash, sweets, garments, etc. to domestic staff. As a part of staff welfare, Diwali bonuses are given to all staff from the Society, preventing the staff members asking individual residents for bonuses. Also, it is made sure that every staff is covered under Minimum Wages policy under Labor act.

5. Fire Safety Drills

One aspect of Apartment Management which many Apartment dwellers take for granted are the Fire Safety Measures. The Imperial conducts regular fire drills for residents and domestic staff. They also conduct regular mob drills on fire safety for their staff. These initiatives go a long way to prevent any major mishap from happening in Apartment Complexes during any fire related exigencies.

6. Other Neighborhood Initiatives

Other than the above mentioned initiatives, The Imperial participates in several Neighborhood related initiatives. During a recent incident, when fire broke out in a neighboring slum area, the fire hoses of The Imperial was used and the Quick Response Team of The Imperial worked along with the Fire Officials to bring the fire under control. There are also regular blood donation camps which are held inside the Apartment Complex, where residents donate their blood.

7. Initiatives towards Pet Welfare

Its a common belief that you need to have an independent house to have a pet, specially a dog, as in an Apartment Complex, there is hardly any place for the dog to run around (as dogs are usually not allowed in the common play area for residents). The Imperial has built a separate play area for pets. This is boon for pets and also pet owners.


How did your ADDA portal help towards successful implementation of your initiative?

ADDA solves the problem of not being connected with your Neighbors. This problem is present in all urban neighborhoods with advent of modern Apartment Living. ADDA have helped us take our first step towards moving to a completely transparent condominium administration. With ADDA’s presence enabled for our condominium, the residents now have a forum to express their views and can come forward with voluntary initiatives to make the society a better place. The cost and effort of communication from the Managing Committee has also come down with the ADDA notice boards and emails. The costs of Administrative notices have also come down in a big way. The ADDA App on Android and iOS are just remarkable and I as the Head of Imperial Facility is able to communicate with residents from any part of the world at anytime, anywhere. This has made our operational services more accountable and strong. All the above initiatives and its results for each were possible only by means of communication through ADDA, where every resident provides their valuable inputs. Today, among all our residents, ADDA has become very popular where they can communicate on any subject including 1) Exhibitions 2) Events like Book fare etc. 3) Sale or lease need of an apartment.

says, Mr Raj Gandhi, Head of Facility Management in The Imperial, Mumbai

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