A Feature Rich Release of ADDA Admin App is Out! Update Now!

by Krishanu

Our latest release of the Admin App is all set to give you all the ammunition to become the Super Admin of your Community! If you are a member of your Society Association (Management Committee, Resident Welfare Association, or Society Office), you definitely need the Admin App to perform the most performed Admin activities easily on the go.

Download the Admin App From Here.

Admin App ADDA

Below are some of the features which we have added to this latest release of Admin App.

1. Gatekeeper Configuration: 

Gatekeeper is a complete Apartment Security solution which is bringing online and giving visibility into the one aspect of Apartment Living which is most important and also puts most amount of financial burden on the Apartment Association. Various Configuration necessary for brining live the Gatekeeper App can now be done from the Admin App.

2. View Gatekeeper Data:

From the Admin App, you can now view the data being captured by Gatekeeper App at the gates. As an Admin you would be able to view intelligence like summary of visitors and staff current check in data. The Admin App also allows the Admin to view list and details of visitors within a timeframe.

3. Staff Configuration:

Configuring your staff accounts, adding data of staff just became very easy, with all an entire Staff Management Module being made available on your Admin App. Directory of all staff specific to an Apartment, such as domestic help, driver, cook etc. can be now created and maintained from the App. These details include name, badge number, phone number, email, address, photograph, which can be stored for each staff member. The staff members configured here are automatically synched with the ADDA Gatekeeper application, to facilitate quick entry and exit of staff and also collection of attendance data becomes much more streamlined.

Now Create Staff Accounts, Click Photos of the Staff and Add right from the App, Remove Staff and do much more right from your App. Isn’t that amazing?

4. Notice Manager

Notices are an extremely useful feature of ADDA, used by Admins to announce events, celebrations or important meeting notifications to all residents of a housing society. Notices can be created by any resident but they go to the Admins for approval. As Management Committee members are already pressed for time between managing their personal and professional life and apartment management responsibilities, they sometimes miss approving notices from Residents or updating expiry dates on notices, etc.

With the new Admin App, managing notices becomes very easy, with Admins being able to keep a closer watch at notices and make changes right from the App. The features include:

  • View the status of all notices in the App. This includes Approved Notices, Un Approved Notices.
  • For Un-Approved notices, Admins can approve notices which are pending approval right from the App.
  • For Approved notices, the Admin can change the expiry date of the notices.
  • The Admin can also create notices and publish them to their ADDA from the App.

Here are some of the Screens From The Admin App:

Update your App now from here.

Apartment Management App Dashboard

Apartment Management App Menu


Apartment Management App Notice manager

Apartment Management App Send SMS

Apartment Management App Staff Manager

Apartment Management App Defaulter List

Apartment Management App Create Notices

Apartment Management App Helpdesk

If you are an RWA or MC member and not using the Admin App, then do it check it out right away. It will make your life as an MC much easier.

Download the Admin App from here.

Be a part of the next Admin App release! Is there any other Admin features you use the a lot and want them to be included in the App? Please let us know in the comments section below and our technical team will assess the feasibility of the same!

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