5 Car Care Facts Apartment Car Owners Should be Aware Of!

by Krishanu

Lot of us apartment car owners, who park in the basement or in stilt parking daily don’t realize the ill-treatment that is being rendered to our cars, mostly unknowingly. This post, Car Care facts is to throw some light on the 5 daily activities we do inadvertently that may slow poison our cars!

The Daily Car Wash

Apartment residents usually have a car washer person who does car washes every morning, charging a reasonable sum every month. What’s included in the package is an interior cleaning every weekend. You only have to hand over the keys to him in the morning or sometimes in the evening, and your car is clean in the inside too.

Apartment Cars Swirls and Scratches

You might be thinking that how can washing the car be harmful to the car? Washing the car harms your car in a very indirect way. The dirty water used for washing and the rough rag used for drying scratch the paint job of the car. The dirt particles suspended in the water induce micro-scratches or swirls. They will be evident if you see your paint under the sun, or a bright light source.

It makes your car look dull after 6 months, and also considerably reducing the resale value of your car, when you plan to sell it.

How can you safe guard your car?

  • In case the car paint has corroded in many places, you can consider getting a professional detailing done for the car. Choose a detailer who uses good quality rubbing compound. It makes sure the scratched layer of your clear coat paint is removed, and it is as good as new again.
  • After detailing, sponsor your security guard with a micro-fiber towel and some car shampoo, which would last for 2-3 months. Insist upon your car washer person to use the same for cleaning your car.
  • Ensure that he changes the bucket of water often, so that the dirty water is not used for washing your car.

Corrosive Water Syndrome

The secret to a great looking car wash is using soft water or fresh water. Not the ground water that has salts dissolved in them. Since lots of apartment complexes either depend on water from tankers and bore-wells, the wash leaves behind the salt marks on the paint. This could be removed easily by washing with soft water. But it sets off corrosion of the metal.

Corrosion in Apartment Owners cars

Corrosion in cars is called – car cancer. Once set-off, you may have to end up replacing the panel as a whole. The daily car wash may be corroding your car, so beware!

How can you safe guard your car?

  • Unfortunately, only proven way to get rid of rust spots is to replace the metal body panel as a whole! So be very careful to not use corrosive water.

The Rats menace

Lurking rats in the basement are a threat to the delicate electronics in the car. One small nibble of the right wire can induce a spark, under the right circumstances lead to the wrong outcome!

How can you safe guard your car?

  • If your basement is prone to rats, it’s best to have a No-food-in-car rule. Eat no food, store no food, and perhaps carry no food too. Usually rats don’t give a damn, if you don’t store food in your car.
  • Rat mesh installed in the engine bay and around critical wiring also ensures safety
  • Rat repellent hasn’t been very effective, though could be used as a last resort if the other countermeasures fail!

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Cold Engine Phenomenon

Today many Apartment Complexes have underground parking. Cars parked underground usually gets very cold and the engine, the heart of your car, needs to warmup before running.

Imagine running a 100 mts sprint, without warming up. You’d cramp, wouldn’t you?!

Though the latest cars warm up quickly, it is not so quickly that you turn the ignition and hit the ramp. Also, hitting the ramp with a cold engine puts more stress on the engine, wearing it faster. Faster wear means a reason for engine service overhaul, ripping it apart and putting it back together.

How can you safe guard your car?

  • After turning on the engine, idle for 60-75 seconds before moving the car or switching on AC. This ensures that the engine is lubricated adequately before taking on any loads.

Abrupt engine turn-off

You own a diesel car, and you turn it off as soon as you’re in your parking bay? This is for you!

The turbo-charger in the engine needs to spool down. The oil in the turbo needs to be properly distributed to avoid wear and tear. So, by idling your car for 3 minutes before turning it off, extends the life of the turbo-charger.

Apartment Car Owners Car Turnoff

This is again like warming down after a run. Do it, if you don’t want service visits to the garage!

How can you safe guard your car?

  • By idling your car for 3 minutes before turning it off, extends the life of the turbo-charger. It makes sure the oil is properly distributed and your bearing is adequately lubricated.

(This Blog is authored by Mr. Harsha Vardhan a veteran of the automobile industry and Co Founder at Carista, a technology centered multi-brand, on wheels car garage.)

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