Due Dates For Co-Operative Society Audits – Latest Circular

According to the latest circular on Co-Operative Society Audits, below are some important dates:

  1. Finalisation of Acts –  15th May
  2. Accounts to be handed over for Audit -1st June
  3. Audit Completion: 31st July
  4. Audit Report Upload – 31st Aug or 15th Sept.
  5. AGM Date – 30th Sept.
  6. Mandatory Annual Return by Society – by 30th Sept.
  7. Mandatory Return by Society About Auditor Appointment – One month from AGM or 31st Oct
  8. Online Audit Order Generation by Auditor – 31st Oct.
  9. Audit Rectification Report by Society: 3 months from the date of submission of report by auditor.
  10. Rectification Report Upload by Auditor through Audit login: Once received from Society

Read more on what the law states about co-operative society audits or auditing of accounts of the society here. Much of these audit requirements are based on the 97th Constitutional Amendment (2013)

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