ADDA Admins Rejoice!

by adda

Behind every well run Apartment / Villa Complex – is a team of hard working Management Committee Members, Managers, Office Staff, Accountants and Security Guards.

And today – Santa has made an early visit to this team!

Introducing a fresh new UI!

Admin View of ADDA


What has changed:

1. Modules Arrangement based on Usage Intelligence. Based on usage intelligence gathered from admin users of 15,000+ apartment complexes, the modules are now organised with the most used at the top ( e.g. Helpdesk Tracker). Also the modules which are used as part of same function are grouped together (e.g. Income Tracker, Expense Tracker).

Don’t panic – all the modules are intact – they just got shuffled around a bit.

2. Color. It is a consistent Green now. This is in sync with the ADDA Admin App – that has a Green theme, to clearly differentiate from the ADDA app which has a blue theme.

3. Icons.  Users who have got used to the old icons have to memorize the new ones – which are more in tune with the new interface.

Yes – along with you we will also miss the Wizard hat – which was the icon for Manage Users – from the day ADDA got launched. If you are wondering why the developers chose the Wizard Hat – in Harry Potter – when students enter the school for the first time, they are assigned into different houses by a hat!


The Wizard Hat

Have a Merry Christmas and a Rocking 2017.


Developer Santas of ADDA

P.S: Recording a milestone in ADDA’s History – The below UI that has been rested from active duty..

Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 1.07.29 PM

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