Transfer Electricity Meter To Your Name In Mumbai

by Krishanu
Transfer Electricity Meter

Who doesn’t love Aamchi Mumbai? Somewhere between being the economic capital to becoming the film capital of our country, Mumbai has earned a special place in our hearts. So if you’ve decided to put down some roots in the city and buy a home there, let us congratulate you on that achievement. And now, the next essential step. Getting the electricity meter transfer done to your name.

The DIY Method Of Electricity Meter Transfer

Well buying a house is expensive on its own, who needs to spend more cash on something as easy as changing the electricity meter to your name? “Agents” might tell you that you can get the job done at around INR 5K and minimal manual effort from your part. But remember, bribing is a crime for a reason. It promotes unhealthy practices and literally corrupts the system. As a law-abiding, proud Indian citizen, you should most certainly refrain from it.

So, back to topic – transfer electricity meter to your name without bribing is certainly pocket-friendly. The only catch is that it requires a little effort (read trudging to MSEDCL offices) and 4-5 steps which you will have to see through to completion.

transfer electricity meter in Mumbai
transfer electricity meter in Mumbai

The process is pretty much same across all states, the only difference is typically in the documents you need and the offices you need to visit. The overall outline is pretty much the same.  So, let’s get started!

1. Document Prep For Electricity Meter Transfer

  • Well, we’ll need to set aside some time dedicatedly for this one. Here’s the list of documents you’ll need –
  • Form A1 from the MSEDCL website, with the first page filled out.
  • Filled out form for Undertaking Of Change of Name, again from the MSEDCL website.
  • NOC in the form of Form U from the current meter holder citing no objection at proposed name change.
  • Stamp paper of value INR 100/- declaring undertaking from New Consumer for the purpose of indemnifying MESCDL.
  • Copies of ID proof (PAN/Aadhaar/DL etc). You may have to produce originals at request.
  • A copy of Sale Deed of your house.
  • A letter issued from Society on their letterhead or the Society Share certificate (if issued) declaring that you are indeed the current owner of the house. This may not be a necessary step, but it is best to have this ready.

Once you have all the documents ready (phew!), you can move on to the subsequent steps which are simpler.

2. Testing The Meter

You’ll have to make arrangements to get the meter tested before the name transfer actually happens. To get that done, you’ll have to do the following –

  1. Visit the nearest MSEDCL office and present a copy/original of a bill issued against the meter. The engineer present at the office should issue you a challan for meter testing and will quote a fee of INR 100/- on the form against meter testing. A photocopy of this challan form will be required for the next step.
  2. Proceed to the bill counter and produce the challan form and its photocopy. Pay the fee quoted and collect its receipt. The photocopy may be retained by the official but you will be given the original with the payment receipt no. now added to it.
  3. By now, you’ll have the following ready – The original challan form with the receipt no., the receipt and original bill that you produced earlier. Take originals and a copy of the challan form with the receipt no., a copy of the bill and a copy of the receipt to the first office you visited to get the challan. Produce all the documents to the technician present there.

If all goes well, a technician should turn up at your home to inspect the electricity meter. Once the testing is done, the technician will hand over a testing report to you which will outline the stats of the meter.

3. Visiting The Customer Service Office

Remember the documents prepared in step 1? Put them all together in a file along with the testing report, the original & copy of Challan from step 2.A, the receipts from 2.B and pay a visit to the Customer Service Office of MSEDCL. Once the documents are verified, the copy of the challan will be retained by the officer and (s)he will issue you a fresh challan for INR 25/- against transfer charges.

Now all that’s left to be done is to go to the bill counter and pay INR 25/- and collect its receipt. Add receipt no. to challan issue in the previous step and submit it back to the officer. He’ll retain a copy and return the rest to you.

Over a period of next 10 days, the officials should transfer the meter to your name as everything that should be done from your part is complete. You may not get an acknowledgement per se., but the next electricity bill should have your name on it.

You’ve Got Electricity In Your Name!

And you’re done! You are now a true homeowner. Now that you have the information, share it with your friends and family. So that’s all folks, hope you found everything you needed. Cheers!

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Authored By: Ambili Mukundan

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