Apartment Burglary in rise in Mumbai

  1. A resident of Prithvi Heights, in Mumbai, Mr. Pravin Kumar came back home from his workplace and found his apartment had been burgled. Gold worth around Rs. 200,000 was stolen.
  2. In another case recently, 6 flats in Khar (East), Mumbai was burgled one after the other by the same gang. The burglars walked away with whatever valuables they could find in the buildings

Apartment complexes in Mumbai, which are supposed to be relatively safer places to stay, being gated communities and armed with security guards & CCTV cameras, are reporting more and more cases of crimes happening.

According to report in DNA, Mumbai, despite the security measures taken in housing societies, detection rate after crimes is as low as 32%. 

According to the police, for professional gangs it’s not hard for miscreants to gather knowledge on which apartments/condos are empty, the positions of CCTV cameras, etc from staff, service personnel to a complex. Thus many gangs are going in with knowledge regarding watchmen, the CCTVs’ position and vacant homes and are walking out scott free after conducting burglaries.

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