Former Driver Throws Chilli Powder Steals Jewellery

by Krishanu

A Driver who stopped working in an apartment complex, comes in after 6 months. Many apartment complexes provides identification cards to all the staff. This particular driver still had his ID card with him.

Most domestic staff do not inform the security guards if they stop working in the residential complex, and their ID cards are retained by them.

In this case, when the security guard asked which apartment he wanted to visit, the driver gave the right Apartment detail. Most Apartments do not have working intercoms so that the security guards could verify the visitors trying to enter. In case this case too, the security guard sees that the apartment details provided are fine and he lets the former driver in.

Once at the apartment, he throws chilly powder into the eyes of the elderly lady who is at home. He steals all her jewellery and runs away.

Though the former driver was caught 3 days later by the police, with proper security processes in place, such events can be stopped altogether.

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