Kabbadi Champ Held for House Breakins Inside Apartment Complexes

Kobri Gopal, a national level Kabaddi player, to maintain his luxury lifestyle starting targeting and stealing from apartments in high end apartment complexes. He would only target apartments with at least 10 storeys.

On arriving at an apartment complex, he would gain entry by telling the security guard that he was visiting a friend. Generally it’s difficult to reach the resident and verify, as intercoms usually do not work, or the resident do not answer, the residents not being near the intercom.

Without a way to verify his claim, the security guards would generally allow him in. If the guard did not allow him inside, Gopal would argue with the guard till he was allowed inside.

He would proceed to the terrace and look for either empty houses or open balcony doors. He would then climb down sewage drains to gain access to the empty flats, steal and then escape.

He was arrested when a resident of an apartment complex, where he did a burglary chanced to see him on his way out and could provide his description to the police.

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