Organised Crime Finds Haven in Apartment Complexes: Kochi

According to a report in The Hindu, around 40% of apartments in apartment complexes in and around central Kochi are vacant as these flats are owned by NRIs.

“About 40 per cent of these apartments are owned by Non-Resident Indians, which remain either unoccupied for long or have occasional occupancy. We have classified them as the most vulnerable to criminal activities, including flesh trade and rave parties,” explained a top police official.

Most of these apartments/condos are maintained by local caretakers or managers, who are often found misusing it. In many cases the tenants have been found subletting their apartments to others without permission from the original owners.

Recently in a raid to a particular apartment, officials seized 8 kg gold. The apartment was rented in the name of another woman. Similarly, the police last month arrested three techies with LSD drug from a flat rented to another person.

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