Transfer Electricity Meter To Your Name In Namma Bengaluru

by Krishanu

Bought a house in Bangalore? Congratulations! It is indeed a milestone and we wish you all the happiness in your new home. So, have you gotten around to fulfilling the responsibilities of a new homeowner? Khata registration? Transfer  electricity meter? Need help with the latter?

That’s what this article is for!

bescom name transfer

BESCOM name transfer

Easy Ways To Transfer Electricity Meter To Your Name

There are more than one ways to transfer electricity meter to your name, with the most easy one being to bribe some officials or greasing the hands of some brokers. This method is easy because there is a good chance that the builder themselves will offer to do the BESCOM name transfer for you for a price of approx. INR 3,000, if not more. The whole process actually costs a lot less, by the way.

Even otherwise, if you decided to pay a visit to the authorities, there will be brokers/agents lingering outside who will jump up at you if you have the slightest look of confusion on your face and offer to get the BESCOM name transfer done for you for thousands!

However, we are law-abiding citizens, and therefore, we should refrain from attempting such methods. For your reference, here’s a detailed description on transferring the BESCOM name transfer to your name without bribing anyone.

The DIY Method

There may be more than 3 steps in this method, but trust us, everything is simple. So here’s a detailed outline of the process

1. Name Transfer Form

Form 1-4 From Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Ltd must be printed and filled out before approaching officials. You’ll need to submit this to the authorities.

2. No Objection Certificate

The current owner of the electricity meter or the person who is presented as a “Vendor” on your sale deed must provide you with a NOC which should be submitted via Form 2. It is available in the series of docs that you downloaded above.

3. Serial No. Of The Meter

Make note of the electricity meter’s serial number. Ideally, take a photo of the meter on your phone and take it along with you. Make sure the serial no. and the unit reading is clear in the picture. You should take a print of out this picture and carry it along with other documents.

4. Bonds

Applicants must submit the Indemnity bond and power agreement along with their application. Typically, small shops around the BESCOM office should be able to arrange this for you instantly. The expected costs of these would be as follows.

INR 200/- each for Indemnity bond and Power agreement and an additional INR 50/- for processing. A total of around INR 450/- would be the minimum.

5. Sale Deed

If you took a housing loan, you’ll need to get the sale deed certified by the bank. If your loan is from SBI or similar banks, simply approach them with two copies of the sale deed and they’ll do it free of charge for you. If you have an LIC loan, they may charge you. You can get the certification done by a notary if LIC demands hefty fees.

6. Approaching The Office

We recommend that you file everything and keep it organized before approaching the officials. By now, you should have the following documents –

  • Filled forms 1-4 from the Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Ltd
  • NOC from current meter owner (Form 4)
  • Photograph of the electricity meter with the serial no and unit reading showing clearly
  • Indemnity bond and power agreement
  • Notarized sale deed (2 copies)

You can go to any BESCOM Sub-division and the JE/AE will verify the documents for you. If everything is as per requirement, the officer will proceed to sign and stamp your papers. After that, submit the entire file, THE ENTIRE FILE to the BESCOM office. Again, if everything is spot on, you’ll be expected to pay a transfer fee of INR 100/-. At this point, we recommend that you take photos of the file and the stamps/signature on your phone just to be on the safer side.

This is pretty much it. The whole thing can be done in under INR 600/-

And You’re Done

It might take more than a month for the actual transfer to occur so until then you’ll probably see the previous owner’s name on the website while you try to pay the bill. We understand that everyone is busy these days so it is tempting to pay more and get it done with minimal effort from your part. However, this is not always the right thing to do as you’ll be not only paying more, but also encouraging agents/brokers to exploit people and make money from all that bribing.

The Sit Back & Relax Method

We have partnerships with one of the leading concierge service providers in India, who offers the same service to you at your doorstep. Yes, the price will be a bit higher, but you get a lot of conveniences. You can try it out from here.


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