Visitor walks into Apartment Complex and starts Eve Teasing

This incident happened in an Apartment Complex from Gurgaon. An external person walked into the apartment complex without leaving any record at the gate. Whether the security guards missed stopping the person and asking him to make a record, or the person walked in by giving false contact details at the security gate is not known.

The visitor was later found eve-teasing inside the campus. As residents complained, the Management Committee members of the RWA and also the Security Guards tried to accost him. The miscreant managed to flee out of the campus and he ran into the neighbouring village.

The security guards of the apartment complex came back to the apartment complex, whereas one of the Management Committee members, chased the miscreant into the neighbouring village. The villagers caught hold of the MC member and started beating him up. The MC member was severely injured and ended up in the hospital.

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