Every Well Managed Apartment Complex Has ADDA – The Society Management Software

by Krishanu

If you live in a gated society or more so, if you are on the managing committee of a residential complex, you’ll be more than aware of the pain-points of running it – society management software

  • Keeping track of the expenses
  • Optimizing costs
  • Overseeing staff attendance and day to day maintenance
  • Making sure smooth running of heavy machinery like generators, transformers, STP (Sewage Treatment Plant),
  • Overseeing inventory

the list is endless.

At ADDA, it’s our mission to make Housing Society Management & Accounting convenient for Management Committee members who in spite of Busy Schedules and Demanding Careers, raise confident hands across India to become President, Secretary, Treasurer in Housing Societies of High Rises.

We found ADDA as the backbone of almost every well-managed Apartment complex

This year Bangalore Rotary Club along with BPAC, took up this novel initiative of recognizing the best maintained residential communities across the city. It was called My Place Of Pride Awards. Almost all communities who won TZED Homes, Palm Meadows, Sandeep Vihar, SJR Verity, Sobha Quartz, Classic Orchards, Purva Vantage, Chaitanya Samarpan are all avid users of the society management software, ADDA. 

With ADDA, not only does managing the apartment community become extremely convenient, MCs also get actionable insights about the various costs involved in running the apartment. This, in turn, could help them optimize such costs and help keep it to a minimum. And everyone benefits from that.

In Bangalore, the Brigade Metropolis, one of the most well maintained residential complexes in the city maintains a very low a maintenance expense of INR 2/- per sq.ft. That is an incredible achievement considering the size of the community (1600+ units).

Every forward thinking Housing Society has the Society Management Software, ADDA

“Now, we are able to concentrate on the real issues that require attention in the building as our time to manage these mundane admin tasks has reduced drastically”, says Mr. Anurag Lall, Galaxy Orchid Park.

We couldn’t have said it better. ADDA automates most of the day to day operations of management, billing, and accounting and frees up time for various forward thinking apartment complex and neighborhood initiatives.

Also, any forward thinking initiative cannot become a success without the buy-in from the apartment residents themselves. The easy to use communication platform in ADDA helps achieve that.

  1. Having open conversations about new initiatives

With an open conversation among residents, with clear presentations of the expected benefits help pave the path for successful implementation of new initiatives.

  1. Conducting polls and take collective decisions

Often apartment residents feel left out from decision making. Polls bring about collective decision making. If the MCs have decided to implement new rules, they can collect the opinions of the residents to decide which ones to implement and which ones to discard. And many more such cases where everyone needs to jointly agree to something.

  1. Bulletin boards for announcements

Never leave even a single resident in the dark about new developments. Of course, there are physical boards in each block, but how often do you remember to stand in front of the notice board and read the announcements. Also, if someone is away and there’s a change in the safety measures or monthly maintenance charge or any such thing of relevance, they can be notified through the ADDA app.

Society Management Software ADDA - Talk to our Product Specialist

Awesome neighborhood initiatives

Now let’s take a glance at ADDA’s very own Rise High Awards, an initiative that spans the country to recognize residential complexes that have undertaken exemplary work towards neighborhood initiatives both inside and outside their community gates.

The Blue Ridge Apartments, Pune was the winner of 2016 Rise High Awards. This is a community that came together using this society management software to organize some exemplary events for the betterment of their people. From waste management initiatives, initiatives to bring together the elderly community, reducing electric consumption through the use of smart processes, implementing solar installations for electric supply, the list was big.

The Palm Greens, Ahmedabad is yet another fine example. This apartment was placed second in the this year’s Rise High awards. Members of this complex collectively coordinated amongst themselves and were capable of achieving things like welfare programs for the domestic helpers, transparency in the management activities of the complex, a paperless communication system where everything was communicated via ADDA app and finally, a more socially responsible crowd. 

T-Zed Home, another winner of Rise High award, because of their ground breaking work on making their community water positive was also awarded this year in 2017, as one the best managed residential complexes in Bangalore by My Place of Pride Awards.

It goes without saying that efficiency MCs and managers and effectiveness of initiatives are increased in leaps and bounds with the use of ADDA.

Get ADDA, Society Management Software for your complex

If you haven’t got ADDA already for your complex, now would be a good time to consider getting it. If you have a vision of making your complex the dream place to live in, then only ADDA can help you achieve that dream.

Instead of investing your time and effort in trying to save a few bucks by continuing with manual processes, or with trying to make other compromised solutions available in the market to work; your time is better spent in bringing to life your vision of a well-maintained complex, steadily appreciating in value, while maintaining a low maintenance fee.

Bring to life your dream initiatives around your community. Get an ADDA!

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