3 DIY Ideas For A Beautiful Garden In Your Apartment

by ADDA.io

Hoping to start a garden in your apartment? It’s an awesome idea! Any effort to bring in more plants into this world needs appreciation. Besides, there’s no greater joy than farming your own produce! So even if you are not someone with a green thumb, here are some things you can do to set up an enviable albeit tiny in your own apartment!


But First…

Gardening is like pet rearing in certain ways. You need to be around to tend to your green friends. They need water, sunlight and love. So if you are someone who is careless, you’ll end up starting a garden only to clear up rotten, dried up plants later. So make sure that you are ready for this commitment.

Well, since you are here already, we guess you’re all geared up & ready to commit!

Let’s get started!

1. Vertical Garden

This is fast becoming a popular choice given that space is a big limitation these days. Vertical gardens require minimal space and are very, very appealing to look at. That said, such gardens cannot accommodate plants that require a lot of root space. Micro greens, small flowering shrubs & succulents are the best choices for vertical gardens.








To get started with a vertical garden –

  • First, pick a wall. Preferably, pick an ugly wall. This way you can cover it up beautifully with some green friends.
  • Build a frame. You can buy vertical garden frames online. They are cost-effective will save you a lot of trouble figuring out what kind and material you want your frame to be made out of.
  • Get some soil, seeds & shrubs and fill up the frame.
  • Make sure the back of the frame has a plastic layer so that the wall is protected and that moisture doesn’t seep in.

2. Container Garden

This is even more easier than the vertical garden because setting it up is as easy as 1 and 3. To get started you’ll need containers or crates or anything big enough to hold a vat of soil. Old watering cans are also a beautiful option. If painted in funky colors, they’ll look super adorable.

Container gardens are best suited for your balconies because that is the one spot where sunlight is readily available. To summarize, here are the steps to get started with a container garden.

  • Choose your container/planter. Make sure that there are enough holes at the base for drainage.
  • Pack the containers with soil or potting mix.
  • Plant your seeds/saplings and top it off with a layer of mulch.

And that’s it, you’re done!

3. Indoor Garden

No space in the balcony? No space for a legit proper garden? Fret not! Make an indoor garden and guess what? This is the only apartment garden that allows maximum room for creativity. You can literally set up a mini garden inside anything! A big glass vessel, a tabletop, empty jars, an old fish tank – anything big and pretty enough works!


Succulents and herbs are the most popular choice because they require very little care when compared with their flowering counterparts.

Here’s how you can set up an indoor garden –

  • Choose the planters and decide on the arrangement. All pointers you saw in the previous two styles of gardening can be incorporated here.
  • Pick the right spot to set up your garden. Ideally, places near windows or wherever a little sunlight falls is preferable.
  • Pick the right plants. Ferns, succulents, herbs, and microgreens are ideal. Flowering plants may be a bad idea because they require abundant sunlight.
  • Fill up the planters with potting mix, plant seeds/saplings and you’re done!

Go Green!

Everyone knows that planting more greens is beneficial to the earth. The oxygen they give out is vital to all living things. We sincerely hope that you’ll grow & and sustain a beautiful garden and reap its benefits.

If you’ve got more ideas on how we could set up a garden within apartments, do share it with us.

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