How to Protect your Apartment from Hazardous Cell Phone Tower Radiations?


We have always enjoyed the benefits and convenience of technology. It is now time for us to consider the tradeoffs between the advantages and harmful effects that few technological advancements like hazardous cellphone tower radiations, Wifi routers pose to human life.

In this digital era, every communication that happens around us involves transmission and reception of EMF radiations. Hence, it is not possible to keep ourselves and our home away from EMF radiations. We are living with these hazardous radiations which have adverse effects on our human health.

Cell phone towers emit high-frequency radio waves (800-1800 MHz), or microwaves, that can travel as far as 73 kms over level terrain.

In cities, most of these cell phone towers are mounted on high rise buildings to get very good signal reception. But the cell phone towers on these high-rise residential communities can cause adverse effects to people living nearby. The closer you are, the greater the danger.

So if your Apartment complex has cell phone towers mounted on it or if your complex is in close proximity (fewer than 500 meters), it is very important that you limit the exposure from the hazardous cellphone tower radiations.  

Although it is impossible to achieve 100% shielding from these RF radiations, it is feasible to try the below methods which can help avoid such radiations to a large extent.

Measuring EMF radiations in your home

EMF Meter Readings:

Firstly, you need to know to what extent your apartment is exposed to these EMF radiations. Depending on the extent of these harmful radiations you can adopt necessary and affordable methods to protect your Apartment.

EMF meters are available in the market that will help you in measuring the intensity of these EMF radiations. If you are not able tto find the meter locally, A simple EMF detector App might help you with the readings. But the precision and accuracy of the EMF readings are less accurate and debatable depending on the software upgradations.


There are different types of EMF meters available in the market depending on the level of frequency that you are measuring. Since the cell phone towers emit high-frequency EMF radiations. It is advisable to buy a high-frequency EMF meter which costs approximately Rs. 3,000.

Protecting your home from EMF Radiations

Protective Materials Available

High-Frequency Shielding Paint:

EMF protection paint is a conductive paint that blocks the EMF radiations from entering your Apartment. It is black in color and applied as regular paint. One of the popular shielding paint that is available in the market is the Yshield High-frequency shielding paint. It is water based paint that can be easily applied to the interior or exterior walls, windows, doors, ceilings where the EMF meter readings are found to be very high. Since the windows are the most vulnerable areas where harmful radiations can enter your Apartment you can install the below window shutters to your existing windows and paint them with shielding paint. The anti radiation paint costs Rs 3,500/litre and can ensure 99% effective harmful radiation from entering your Apartment.


Shielding Fabrics:

One of the simplest methods to reduce the intensity of the radiations entering your Apartment is by using the Shielding fabrics. Shielding fabrics are specially designed net curtains which can block 99% of RF radiations from entering your Apartment. These fabrics can be used as curtains for the windows or doors, as bed canopies, as door mats, carpets etc

Fabrics like Swiss Shield Naturell fabric, Daylite, Voile can protect your home from very high RF radiations. The Naturell fabric provides better shielding.

But the Swiss Shield Daylite fabric is more breathable than the Naturell. The Daylite fabric is made of polyester material, while Naturell is ecological cotton and is designed especially for those who are sensitive to chemicals.

While you carry out all these shielding techniques it is significant that you closely monitor your minor health issues like headaches, depression, memory loss etc. If these health issues persist for a very long time it is better that you consult your physician or therapist. In such cases monitoring your EMF meter readings at regular intervals at least twice a month is advisable. If you think that your home needs complete shielding from the hazardous EMF radiations, avoid staying in the upper floors of your Apartment or consider looking for an alternative accommodation.

Shielding Your Home

Shielding your Bedroom:

Shielding the entire Apartment Complex is not practical and it is quite expensive. However, shielding your home, based on the intensity of EMF readings is feasible. Also protecting the areas of your home where you spend most of your time and are prone to extreme radiations is important. It is fair enough to think about the ways to protect your bedroom because we tend to spend most of our time in our bedroom.

Installing EMF Faraday Bed canopy* is one of the easiest and effective solutions to shield your bedroom from hazardous RF radiations. An *EMF Faraday canopy is an instrument with an ultra-fine metal wire mesh which keeps away the RF radiations just like a mosquito net keeping away the mosquitoes.

The bed canopy costs approx INR 5,000 (Daylite and Naturell materials) which depends on the fabric of the canopy. The lightweight Swiss Shield Daylite fabric costs INR 124 per inch (92% polyester net-knit, with 8% silver-plated copper fiber content) stops almost 80% of radiations. This fabric is difficult to source in India but it is less expensive.

The Swiss Shield NatureII fabric is primarily made of organic cotton interwoven with silver coated copper wires. It is quite expensive but provides 99.99% protection from the radiations.

Shielding your windows, walls, doors with these fabrics are the most effective ways to protect your Apartment from harmful radiations.


Shielding the Windows:

Windows can be the easy target for the RF radiations to enter your Apartment. You can shield your windows with Scotchtint window film. These films can be bought in any automobile accessories stores. They usually come in a roll and it can cut to fit the window size, backing can be peeled, wet them, and apply to clean windows or glass doors to block the hazardous EMF radiations. This film also helps your Apartment in controlling the heat gain or loss during summers. It is said that these films are capable of reflecting 99% of the Radiations from entering your room. Cost of this film is Rs 60 per sq feet. This shielding method is affordable and easy to handle.

Stay Radiation Free. Stay Safe

While it may be impossible to completely avoid hazardous cellphone tower radiations, this article sheds some light on how you can protect yourselves and your homes from it to a certain extent. Research has found that radiation can adversely affect our health and even permanently damage the human body. Keeping that in mind, let us all join hands and take active steps toward protecting ourselves from harmful radiation from phone towers and the likes.

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