Top 10 Tallest Residential Buildings In The World

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Hello dear readers! We are gearing up to take up the fun quotient of our blog by several notches and in line with that, we decided to roll out some fun topics that makes up for some light reading. And since we are all about residential complexes and its many facets, we thought why not cover one aspect of buildings that we all notice immediately – HEIGHT.

Over the years, many construction companies and countries as such have competed in producing the tallest buildings in the world. Apart from being architectural marvels, such structures often give their makers and nations a global visibility. Now that’s not a bad thing to have, is it not?

So here’s presenting the world’s top 10 tallest residential buildings!

#1 – 432 Park Avenue

Height: 425.5m

Heard of Central Park in New York? Well this tall beauty in Manhattan majestically overlooks that park and was constructed in the spot previously occupied by the Drake Hotel. Park Avenue is the second tallest building in NY and has a footprint of over 2,800 m2. The building has a total of 84 stories, each having an area of roughly 8000 sq.ft.

The idea and structure for this beauty was first created by Rafael Vinoly and the interiors were designed by the firm Bentel & Bentel and Deborah Berke. There’s also this fun theory that says that the building was inspired by a fancy trash can designed by an Australian designer.


#2 – Princess Tower

Height: 413.4m

One of the many, many fascinating things in Dubai, the Princess Tower is the tallest residential structure in its country and the second tallest in totality. We all know that the Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in that country. This building is also the only skyscraper in Marina. Engineered by Syed Masjid Hashmi, the Princess Tower has over 700 units and has its parking space spread over 6 entire floors. The building has a total of 107 stories.

Princess tower is a fairly recent entrant to the list of tall buildings. Tameer Holdings, the developer completed and turned it over just recently in 2012.


#3 – 23 Marina

Height: 392.8m

Yet another candidate from Dubai is the 23 Marina which held the place that was recently taken up by the Princess Tower. Fun fact about the building is that over 79% of it was already sold before the construction even started. 23 Marina boasts of 57 swimming pools and a private elevator for each duplex. The building has 88 floors and has a floor area of 1,39,544 m2.

The tower is owned by Hircon International and was designed by Hafeez Contractor. 23 Marina has 289 units within it.

#4 – Elite Residence

Height: 380.5m

Once again from Marina, Dubai, we have yet another supertall skyscraper – the Elite Residence. The building overlooks the Palm Jumeirah, the manmade islands that Dubai is famous for. On its completion in 2012, it held the place for being the tallest tower in the world until the 432 Park Avenue replaced it.

Elite Residence has a total of 91 floors – 76 floors are for residential purposes, the rest are for parking and other amenities. The tower houses 695 units and 12 elevators. The floor area of Elite Residence is 1,40,013 m2.

The tower was designed by Adnan Saffarini and was developed by Tameer Holdings, who are also famous for constructing the Princess Tower.


#5 – The Marina Torch

Height: 336.8m

Aaaaandd again from Marina, Dubai we have the Marina Torch or Torch Dubai, as it is fondly called. The Torch replaced the Q1 from Gold Coast when it opened in 2011. The tower has 82 floors, out of which 74 floors are for residence. The floor space of this building is 1,11,832 m2 and has 504 units housed within. The Torch was designed by the National Engineering Bureau and was developed by the Select Group.

In early 2015, a fire broke out sometime around 2:00 am from a grill in one of the balconies as per witnesses. The fire quickly spread due to falling debris and damaged quite a lot of the building’s structure. As the fire broke out in the centre of the building and because of the high winds in the locality, the fire resulted in massive damages, rendering the building damaged for quite some time. It’s renovation is still under progress.


#6 – Q1

Height: 337m

Finally we get to take a break from Dubai as we go over to Q1, the pride of Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. The name Q1 is an abbreviation for Queensland Number 1. This residential tower is located in Surfers Paradise and was until recently in the spot currently taken up by Marina Torch. Q1 opened in 2005 and is currently the 6th tallest building in Australia.

Q1 has a total of 78 floors and has a floor space of 1,07,510 m2. The building was developed and designed by Sunland Group.


#7 – HHHR Tower

Height: 316.7m

You guessed it – Yet another one from Dubai! The HHHR tower or the Blue Tower is a supertall skyscraper in the ultra posh Sheik Zayed Road of Dubai. The Blue Tower has a total of 72 stories and 454 residential units housed within it. This is the 5th tallest tower in all of Dubai and it opened in 2010.

HHHR Tower was designed by Al Hashemi and was constructed as a joint venture between the Hip Hing Construction (Hong Kong) and Al Ahmadiah Contracting & Trading Co.


#8 – Ocean Heights

Height: 310m

Once again from Dubai Marina, we have the Ocean Heights – A supertall skyscraper from UAE. With 83 floors and unique curvy structure, this building is a visual attraction for tourists in the locality. Ocean Heights has a floor space of 1,13,416 m2 and made its opening in 2010.

This skyscraper was designed by Andrew Bromberg and was developed by DAMAC Properties. This is considered as one of the most opulent and luxurious residential properties in Dubai in Dubai.


#9 – Cayan Tower

Height: 306m

Dubai it is again! The Cayan Tower may be at no.9, but it’s popularity is quite large. Standing 306m and 76 floors high, this tower is the brainchild of the same company that developed the Burj Khalifa. When it opened in 2013, it became the first ever high-rise building with a twist of 90 degrees. The tower is also famous for its titanium colored panels which block direct sunlight and for its lack of balconies.

Cayan Tower was designed by architects Skidmore, Owings and Merrill and was developed by Cayan Real Estate.


#10 – One57

Height: 306 m

Again, back to NY. The One57 could actually be in a tie with the Cayan Tower because they both stand 306m tall, however due certain other structural differences, the Cayan Tower was deemed taller. The One57, formerly known as the Carnegie 57/ Billionaire Building, is a supertall skyscraper in Manhattan, New York. It opened in 2014 and was the tallest residential tower in the country until the 432 Park Avenue opened.

One57 has 75 floors and has 92 residential units in addition to a Park Hyatt hotel with roughly 200 rooms. The floor area of this building is around 8,53,567 m2. Carnegie 57 was designed by Christian De Portzamparc and was constructed by the Extell Development Company. Like the Marina Torch, One57 too sustained damages from a fire that broke out in 2014.


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