GATC – ADDA’s unique way to celebrate Navratri

by adda

Everyone has a unique way to celebrate the goddess and her power during Navratri. We, at ADDA, are no exception. On the 9 days that lead up to Navratri, the entire ADDA family gathers in the office 15 minutes before lunch to dance around the cubicles. It’s fun. We typically try to pull off some innovative Garba steps, but we’re ok following any steps that the employees do. And we call this custom GATC (pronunciation: Gaat – C) – Garba Around The Cubicle!

The Beginnings

The GATC tradition started way back in 2013 – in our Mumbai office. Since then, every Navratri at ADDA has seen some epic rounds of GATC during Navratri. More than just the dance, this is a team building activity inspired by the Garba tradition that is followed by Gujarati business families where everyone  – elders, parents, children, women join in the Garba dance.

Our version of Garba has a nice twist. At the centre of the table around which we gather to do the Garba, we place the Bell. The ADDA bell is our deity of sorts and we ring it each time a sale or a difficult deployment is successfully completed. We think of it as a way of sending a thank you to the universe. This bell is a revered entity for us. And we Garba around it!

GATC Rules!

And that’s not all, GATC comes with color codes too! We pre-assign one color for each of the nine days of Navratri and the entire office comes dressed in that color! In totality, GATC is one of the most special events for the ADDA family – it brings us closer while we have fun.

Here are some pictures to show how awesome it really is.

GATC is also open to customers or vendors associated with ADDA! The event is also open to ex-ADDites who may no longer be working with us but will forever be a part of our family.

This year too, GATC was a huge hit and the employees had a blast doing some killer dance moves.

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