Top 5 Tiniest Micro Apartments in the World


Hello, readers! Remember our post on world’s top 10 tallest residential buildings? Well, we’ve decided to cover the opposite end of the size spectrum this time. Here’s our list of world’s tiniest apartments, or micro apartments as they are called.

Don’t let the name fool you. This isn’t a list of shabby, non-existent apartments. These are well planned, architecturally sound, micro marvels that are getting a lot of attention from around the world.

So here’s the list!

1. The Swedish Crib

Cribs are tiny pieces of furniture meant to hold babies and toddlers. So that way, the name is pretty much suitable. This 226 sq ft apartment is nothing like a crib. It is an airy, inviting and tastefully decorated piece of work! All storage arrangements are wall mounted, this alone makes the floor pretty much freed up. There’s a tiny cooking space, a common area, a super tiny restroom and two tiny rooms in the Swedish Crib and that pretty much sums up the entire structure.

Here’s the picture.


If you’re wondering how such a tiny apartment could function, gear up, this is the largest on the list!

2. Holiday Studio Apartment

In South Kensington, London, sits another micro apartment that has captured a lot of attention. This holiday home is all of 140 sq ft, but doesn’t mince on functionality. This house can accommodate two, and keeping in the line with the regality of the area it is situated in, people have called that this is the capsule version of luxury.

The interiors are sleek and minimalistic, and the home is equipped with high-end gadgets that making living here nothing short of luxury. Here’s a picture.


 3. Manhattan Micro Studiomicro-apartments-manhattan-micro-studio

It is a cozy home, no doubt, but comfortable isn’t always the word people would use to describe this tiny apartment in upper West Side Manhattan. To accommodate all the necessities in a house, the bed has been placed on a platform so elevated, that it almost touches the ceiling. The restroom is very tiny too. But, for something that is 90 sq ft, it is very well organized.

4. Manhattan’s Second Micro Studio


This one is what an architect call’s home! At 78 sq ft, the apartment doesn’t have much to offer. Everything about this micro studio – structure, interiors and even the furniture has been made by the architect Luke Clark Tyler, who also uses this apartment as his private residence.

The most unusual or even sad fact about this apartment is that there is no private bathroom.

5. Hong Kong’s Tiny Apartmentmicro-apartments-hongkong's-tiny

At 16 sq ft, yes SIXTEEN, this is the tiniest living quarters in the world. The door at the entrance leads directly to the bed and whatever little space is available, is put to judicious use. There’s a window, which also doubles as a desk. The apartment’s even decorated tastefully with paintings by contemporary artists. All in all, the apartment is inhabitable for one person.

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