The Peculiar case of 3 Apartments!

by Krishanu

A year back we were asked to give a demo of our product in a central Delhi Apartment complex.

The Building was quite old and the Security Guard was very diligently entering all Visitor Data in a register. A resident was standing behind him supervising it.

We were impressed by such diligence regarding Data capture of Visitors.

Soon we got to know the reason and the fact that the process is quite new.

The Complex is surrounded by low-income slums. Residents themselves belong to the middle to upper middle class.

There have been small instances of thefts which the Association decided not to report to police for the hassle and bad reputation of the property.

But recently something happened due to which they went to Police as well as Media!

In one SINGLE night, 3 Apartment Units were robbed!!!

And what was stolen from each of the 3 Apartment Units?

Passports, Laptops and Mobile Phones.

Cash and Jewellery which were kept in the same place as Passports were not touched.

Two of the three families had Upwardly Mobile Young people with active Visas on their passports.

So, how did the Thief know about these Families? That they travel extensively, would have Passports, probably with some valuable Visas?  How did they know where exactly these Passports are kept so they could get the job done smoothly in THREE apartments in the same night!

The Thief had entered by cutting the barbed wire on one of the fences.

We didn’t hear about the resolution of this Case.

But the suspicion squarely was on Insiders. Possibly the Maids/Nannies/Cooks in those families, who supplied such information to outside person/organisation.

What do you think?

And how do you think ADDA GateKeeper can solve this?

Can it be solved only by Software? What Hardware could help? And what Processes?

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