Apartment Living Trends As We Enter 2018

by Krishanu

Year 2017 has been a very eventful year for Apartment Dwellers. Apartment living was impacted by several government initiatives. Introduction of GST, implementation of RERA in many states in India, even the cascading effect of demonetisation drive are few factors which had a major impact this year.

Our research show few trends which are driving the Apartment Living space, and are likely to continue in 2018 as well:

Increased focus on quality of life

More and more Indians are unwilling to compromise on the quality of life in Residential Complexes. They have spent their life’s savings for living in their chosen Apartment/Villa Communities.

This means that Apartment Residents are going to be more demanding towards the maintenance of facilities and the overall complex in general.

Expense Correction

As the economy is going through a cautious and steady growth, a majority of Indians are also putting a correction on their spending quotient.

This would also mean that when it comes to paying maintenance amounts for their complexes, residents are likely to be wary of any increase in rates. Most residents would welcome a decrease in rates.

Focus on Security in Gated Communities

Let’s face it. Crime in India is on the rise. Till date Apartment Security was left to Security Guards, who are a transitional workforce. Security issues were largely dealt in a reactive mode.

Most Gated Community residents are rising up to the fact, that preventive security is the best path to take. Hence there is a rise in demand for Security Gate Management Apps. To meet the demand, several Security Gate Management Apps have come up in the market.

Power Self-Sustainability

Many Apartment Complexes are thinking of innovative ways to save power. From the implementation of motion sensor based lighting to energy-saving LED lights, the examples are many.

Many complexes are also on the way to become Self Sustaining on Power with initiatives like Solar Panels on Terraces.

Focus on Community & Neighbors

Remember the days when your neighbourhood was all that you needed for a happy living. Solution to most of your daily needs, your best friends, were all within walking distance from your home.

Living in a community is bringing back the same aspect to our life. Neighbours are the ones who can be there to share your happiness and problems on a regular basis.

Community living in Apartment and villa complexes are bringing back the trend of celebrating & organising events with neighbours!

The Hyperlocal Trend

2018 will see a continuation of the hyperlocal trend. Urban dwellers today prefer to travel as less as possible, increasing their dependence on their locality, for their daily needs.

This is leading to the development of macro communities outside the gates of any residential complex, to cater to needs to community residents. This trend is just likely to increase as community residents are adopting and increasing their dependency on their macro community.

ADDA: The Trend Setter

Since 2009, ADDA has been instrumental in setting and sustaining many trends in Apartment Living. Here’s how ADDA is associated with the trends mentioned above:

Increased focus on quality of life

ADDA’s Facility Management modules help in maintaining the complex better, keeping all facilities in top running condition, and ensuring satisfaction of discerning residents.

Expense Correction

With a system like ADDA in place, MCs get an eagle’s view into all the invisible expenses they incur which ultimately results in higher maintenance costs for residents. ADDA also helps in opening up avenues which help augment revenues for the Association.

These measures help maintain low maintenance rates. This in turn ensures that residents are having the best living experience at a less cost.

Focus on Security in Gated Communities

ADDA was one of the harbingers who started propagating the idea of a Security Gate Management system to Gated Communities. Now ADDA GateKeeper, is the most widely adopted solution, being used across 100s of Apartment Complex Gates.

Power Self-Sustainability

Not only power self-sustainability, but any forward thinking initiative can be implemented only by Management Committees who have automated their day to day management and accounting chores. A system like ADDA helps here, by putting in solid processes and also automating the time consuming manual chores.

Focus on Community & Neighbors

Starting with Community Groups, Forums, Polls, etc. ADDA is helping thousands of communities across the globe to come closer and develop deep bonds.

The Hyperlocal Trend

ADDA helps connect Community Residents with not only their neighbours, but also their neighbourhood. ADDA Buzzar is a hyperlocal marketplace, where apartment residents can buy/sell or even giveaway items within neighbours. ADDA also helps connect residents with local services and vendors for getting quick solutions for all Apartment Living needs.

It’s also easy to gather recommendations, advise related to neighborhood services, vendors, shops, restaurants, schools, etc. through ADDA.

These Apartment living trends have evolved over the last couple of years and it’s expected to evolve further in 2018!

Keep yourselves tuned to our blog, for more on the latest in Community Living in 2018. Wishing you an awesome Community Living experience for 2018! Have a very Happy New Year!

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