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Housing society management is no easy task. It takes time, effort and a lot of skills to ace the job of a management committee. Even then, without external help, this is a difficult task to achieve. So if you are a member of a housing society in Mumbai, you will be aware of the hassles faced while doing the annual audit and related tasks and other key points for management committee members in Mumbai.

ADDA explains some key points of Housing Society Management, roles of an auditor of housing societies and how they can register themselves online in Mumbai.

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Here are some of the points that an auditor for housing societies must keep in mind.

  • The society will be expected to file the reports for the last 5 years as per the new mandate issued by the Registrar of Maharashtra.
  • There is an upper limit of 20 on the number of audits for a paid-up capital of 1 Lakh. There will be no limit if the paid-up capital is less than 1 lakh.
  • An auditor appointed for the current financial year must ensure that previous audits were rightfully carried out.

The Guidelines For Annual General Body Meeting

Conducting a successful AGM in the stipulated fashion is a primary task for the governing body in any apartment complex. Here are some key points to keep in mind before you conduct an AGM –

  • The annual general body meeting of any housing society must be held before the 30th of September every year.
  • Should the society fail to conduct the AGM before the stipulated date, the Registrar must be notified of the same following which the Registrar will issue a fresh date to conduct the meeting.
  • As per a law issued on 14th Feb 2013,  it is mandatory for all societies upload financial statements from 2012 to 2015, i.e three consecutive years.

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Registering A Housing Society Online

In Maharashtra, the online society registration process is fairly simple and you should not find it too difficult to do. Here are the steps for registering your society online with the Mahasahakar website.

  1. Visit the official Maharashtra Mahasahakar website. Simply click this link or copy-paste the same into the search bar on your browser.
  2. Click on Society → e-Governance → Society Validation → Check online validation.
  3. If you have already created login credentials, use them to log on to the site. If not, click ‘new user’.
  4. Check for your society ID. The system should generate the online society registration form for you. Please note, while filling the form the account type must be marked as ‘Society’.
  5. Collect your user ID by logging in with the auditor’s username and password. Please note, should the password be unavailable, the default password is DOCMT@2014.

Note: If you have not created a Society ID, do so by selecting a unique name and by entering a registered mobile number (mandatory). Using an efficient society management system like ADDA can ease it altogether.

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As we said, the process is very simple. Instructions are available on the Mahasahakar site which should be able to give you more clear instructions should you face difficulties at any point. You can always get in touch with us!

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