UAE Gears Up For Yawm Al Watani

by adda

UAE is gearing up to celebrate its 46th National Day or Yawm Al Watani on December 2, 2017. As the seven Emirates prepare for the celebrations, excitement can be visibly sensed in every part of the country! The officials have announced that the private sector will enjoy a three-day break starting from November 30th to December 2nd in connection with Yawm Al Watani.

At the helm of the celebration is Dubai, the largest city of UAE and one of the most highly visited tourist places across the world. From offices to residential apartments, preparations for the big day can be seen everywhere!

UAE National Day (Yawm Al Watani) | ADDA Blog


UAE National Day (Yawm Al Watani) | ADDA Blog

For those you are unaware of this holiday and it’s significance, here’s a tiny background story.

The Significance of Yawm Al Watani

The National Day celebrated on December 2nd every year commemorates the day that all the seven emirates came together officially to form the United Arab Emirates. This is also the day that the Emirates cut ties with the British Protectorate when the treaty expired in 1971, thus ending UK’s control over the Arab monarchies. The seven kingdoms or Emirates then came together to form one federal nation which was then headed by HH Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

Since then, every December 2nd has been witnessing grand celebrations, air shows and even military parades to commemorate the day. This year too will be no different, as the nation has planned a spectacular firework show, parades and more among other celebratory events.

Dubai Residents Are Thrilled!

Dubai residents and residential buildings are prime spots for celebratory gatherings. As everyone comes together to celebrate the last long weekend of 2017, most elite residential complexes have arranged programs in connection with UAE’s national holiday.

For us, that means that the ADDAs in Dubai are buzzing with activity. Conversations, event updates and more! We are happy to see that our product is helping the residents come together to organize events and partake in the festivities!

UAE National Day (Yawm Al Watani) | ADDA Blog

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