Housing Society App – ADDA Is Now Available On Apple Watch

by ADDA.io

Here’s some great news for Apple product lovers! ADDA, The Housing Society App is now available on the Apple smartwatch. Users can now access select features from their Apple watches thereby enhancing convenience and giving access to important features even while the phone is away.

Some professionals, especially carrying the phone physically may not always seem feasible. For such professionals and others, being in the vicinity (50m tops) of the phone alone can keep you in touch with ADDA through your Apple watch. In the latest versions, Series 3 and above, the distance from phone to watch is irrelevant as the watches come with in-built eSIM / embedded SIM, which means even if your phone is at home, features would still be available. 

Team ADDA is always striving for ways in which housing society living can be made better. It only seems just that we help those out who cannot have their phones with them all the time.

Here’s a look at the features that have been made available.

1. Panic Alert

While the Govt. mandated this feature for smartphones in the recent past, this Housing Society App had been offering this as part of ADDA GateKeeper since the product’s early days. But it got us thinking, when a peril strikes, one may not always be near their smartphones. However, watches are devices that are worn on your body and will have a better possibility of being with you unlike smartphones which have to be carried.

Hence, to better protect the well-being of residents, ADDA has made this life-saving feature available on Apple Watches. You can select the feature from the menu and simply press the virtual button that appears on screen.

Housing Society App - ADDA is now available on Apple Watch2. Visitor Logs

More Features Are On Its Way!The next most used feature is the Visitor Logs which gives you a list of people who have checked into the premises for visiting your unit. Users will now be able to remotely view the list of visitors to their unit through their Apple watches.

Users can simply pick the option “Visitors” from the onscreen list to gain access to a scrollable list.. Visitor Logs

Housing Society App - ADDA: Visitor Log

3. Resident ID

More Features Are On Its Way! ADDA GateKeeper is very critical about keeping an eye out for unidentified visitors sneaking in. We believe that the first step towards stopping crime is to have measures in place that would discourage potential criminals. As part of this, every resident is given a unique ID or QR code which gets recognized at the gates. However, if someone steps out without their phone, they can now carry their smartwatches.

Residents can now carry their resident ID in their Apple watches making their lives a little easier.


More Features Are On Its Way!

As we mentioned before, Housing Society App – ADDA is always working towards a better user experience. We promise you, with us, you will only have access to improved features with each passing day.

In the meantime, don’t forget to share this article with fellow Apple watch fans. Stay tuned for more!

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The App is awesome. Love it.

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