Apartment Complexes: The Better Option For Senior Citizens

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In Bangalore, in an independent house tucked away in a small street, lived a man with his wife, kids and 77 yr old dad. The man and his wife were both working and their little kids were sent to school everyday. The elderly father was often left by himself during most part of the day. One day, the son’s calls to his dad went unanswered. He rushed home, only to find his dad in a comatose state. The senior father had forgotten in insulin. Hyperglycemia set in and he lost his life a day later.

Somewhere else, an elderly mother left behind at home was strangled to death by the person who came by to deliver drinking water. He followed her into the room while she went to get cash from her purse. After taking whatever valuables he could, he walked away leaving the poor lady dead on the floor.

Across the country, nuclear setups have started sprouting and today, young couples have two primary areas of concern apart from their careers – caring for their young children and caring for elderly parents.

While there are many facilities where we can leave our kids to be looked after during the day, we cannot say the same for the elderly. The elderly need constant emotional support and watchful care.

This brings us to the topic under discussion, why are apartment complexes more suitable for nuclear families? Especially families with little kids and elderly members?

Independent Houses Are No Longer Competent To Provide Security And Support

No dependable support

Houses could be at some distance away which makes calling for help difficult. It is also difficult for neighbors to hear sounds of crashing or seeing any unidentified people stepping into the premises. And above all, there’s no guarantee that neighbors are going to be around all day with a watchful eye.

No security measures

Apartment Complexes: The Better Option For Senior Citizens. Unless you can shell out the money for private CCTVs, or pay for a security guard, you house would only be inviting criminals in. There is no provision to check proof of identity or relevant details before the subject enters the premises of your house. This poses unlimited number of risks to elderly members in your house, especially when they are alone.

Maintenance is Hard/Expensive

Independent houses are much more expensive to maintain and even then, it becomes your headache to follow up and regularly check if everything is in working order. Any repairs, upgrades needed will have to be arranged and paid for by you not to mention the hassles of having to find the right labor for such work.

Locating the house could be hard

Assuming that an elderly individual did call for emergency services, he’ll take some time to communicate the exact location to him. This could drastically affect the time taken to get to the victim. Lives are lost in a matter of minutes, we will all do well to remember that.

Nobody Is Really Alone In An Apartment Complex

All the benefits you can think of community living, are all the more beneficial for the elderly. Young millennials may be able to live in isolation but as you age, it becomes necessary to have someone to depend on from time to time. Here’s why apartment complexes are excellent for senior citizens.

Crime rates are lower

Take any major city, you’ll find out that crimes are lower in apartment complexes when compared to independent houses. The sheer presence of security guards and CCTV cameras discourage individuals with criminal bent of mind.

Criminals have always been known to target houses of single women, children and weak seniors, but how can you do that in a apartment complex where the moment you enter, all your details are captured? And where there will be eyes on you all the time?

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Help is never too far

A sudden health emergency, a fall, indisposition to answer phone calls and similar perils are easily handled inside apartment complexes. Neighbors are in close proximity to each other, they can always come in and check on elders.

Or the victims themselves can call for security if they are physically able to. Even if the neighbors aren’t around, security guards will be walking around the premises and will always be watchful for suspicious activities.

ADDA GateKeeper to the rescue

As you maybe aware, ADDA GateKeeper is a phenomenal security app designed specifically for apartment residents. It’s unique features allow for meticulous security precautions which involves capturing photos and details of every person entering the complex, mobile notifications about every visitor and a lot of other features.

But the most commendable feature is the panic alert button. The ADDA GateKeeper app has an inbuilt panic alert button which will notify the security guards and neighbors, when pressed. It not only sounds a loud alarm at the gate, it also brings in help from neighbors without a family member having to rush from door to door.

Emotional well-being

Unlike in independent houses where elderly will have to depend on their own family members for company, apartment complexes give the advantage of connecting everyone with people in their age group.

In a society that has ADDA as their backbone, loneliness is a thing of the past. With discussion boards, hobby classes, book reading clubs and much more will be at the disposal of the residents. The elderly will not only have company in apartment complexes, they will also be productively occupied.

During festivals, the whole community come together to celebrate. Which also provides welcome engagement for the elderly.

Pick A Society That Is Live On ADDA

While any society is better suited for the elderly when compared to an independent house, a society that has chosen ADDA would be ideal.

From ensuring security to connecting all the residents, ADDA is the perfect platform which makes Apartment Living truly Convenient and Safe.

So why don’t you get started right away? And if you are already in a society and looking for ways to enhance the living conditions, get in touch with Team ADDA for a demo of our products!

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