Why your Apartment Complex should have ADDA ERP?

by ADDA.io


Your initiative of rolling out a Software to be a success requires every Stakeholder in the Apartment Complex to be able to use the Product well.

  1. a) Residents of various backgrounds b) Apartment Association or Management Committee Members c) Manager/Accountant d) Auditor

ADDA tailors the Product for the specific User group of your Apartment Complex.

For The Resident there is the easy and attractive ADDA App. EVERY feature that’s on the portal is also on the App.

The Manager/MC has a quick and easy ADDA Admin App, with exactly the features needed for quick admin work on the go.

The Accountant /MC have a Deep and comprehensive ADDA Portal.

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Each of the Apps have the Highest Rating in this segment with Maximum Downloads.

Top Auditors across India have been closing Society Books on ADDA ERP for 8+ years.

ADDA is the ONLY Online portal used by Mumbai societies with very stringent accounting and compliance requirements.

The Treasurer irrespective of whether he is an Accountant, Engineer, or Doctor can independently use the Accounting features due to its unique design.

At the same time Chartered Accountant Treasurers have moved their Society Accounts from Tally to ADDA ERP thanks to unique features like:

100% automated Late Payment Penalty with safeguards against Legal Disputes

100% integrated Payment Gateway with the LOWEST transaction charges in the Market, due to highest volume of transactions. You won’t need compromise solutions such as Collection Gateways.

Automated GST Calculation

ADDA being the only Product used Internationally, has Global Best Practices for Facility Management.


With the largest User base of  Accountants and Managers using ADDA ERP, you have the greatest chance of finding an Accountant or Manager who is already trained in ADDA, compared to any similar softwares.

ADDA also proactively nurtures the community of Expert Managers as well as Tech-Savvy Accountants who specialise in Owners Association Management.


ADDA innovates continuously to unveil highly practical features for the existing Product, as well as new Products for a Residential community.

The Platform is the most comprehensive. Customers may choose ADDA ERP to start with, and later use ADDA GateKeeper simply on a plug & play mode as both are seamlessly integrated!

Currently our R&D team is pouring its labor of love on the ADDA GateKeeper which is bringing the Security Manpower and Equipments to true use of the Apartment Residents.

Each App and the Portal are updated at a frequency of twice a month!


Since our inception in 2009, we have been on the journey of Rise High (our motto) along with a visionary userbase.

We proudly but cautiously uphold a 8+ year track record of hosting 7 Lakh HNI and Super HNI Users across 80 Indian and Global cities, with zero complaints on Privacy and Security of Data.

Our standing as the best Partner for the Online Portal/App initiative of any Residential Complex is best demonstrated in these 100+ Testimonials from existing customers.

We look forward to your Testimonial as well! Our Team will strive to earn it!

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