Introducing a Brand New Admin Dashboard

by adda

Dear ADDA Admins

Presenting to you a new  Admin Dashboard. Before we introduce you to the new Dashboard, let us bid adieu to the good old Dashboard.

( Born: Nov 2008. Retired: May 2018 )


Presenting the new Dashboard!


Here are the salient features of the new Dashboard:

1. Boxes to Cards

It is colorful, Easy on the Eyes and easily clickable. They are of different sizes – Important Ones are given more real-estate ( because we are a software for Real-Estate #PJ ). You do not need to search for the View All button like in the old UI. Click anywhere on the card – it lets you in.

2. Sections

We are having 4 sections logically grouped by most used or the Neighbour Modules

Section 1: Units & Users, Helpdesk Tracker & Announcement Widget

Section 2: Accounting Modules

Section 3: ADDA Security Modules

Section 4: Management Modules

3. Meaningful Numbers in the Cards

The Income Tracker chart now represents the Amount collected in this period ( in this example it is Monthly billing. For quarterly the current quarter will be used ) against the Total Receivables ( Total of prior dues and bills generated in this period ).

If you have set up the Budget, then the Variance is calculated for Expenses from the beginning of this Financial Year and Budget Pro-rated till today. You can click on this chart to get the Budget Report. If you haven’t set up the Budget – it is very simple. Go to Expense Tracker > Budget.

We now add up all the Closing balances of all the Bank Accounts.

Gotcha: If you have setup all Fixed Deposits as Bank & Cash Accounts, then this number will be inflated. You should create Fixed Deposits as Asset Accounts ( General Ledger > Chart of Accounts > Assets ), and pass Journal Entries to move the closing balance to these new Asset Accounts – and your Total Bank Balance will look alright.

Clicking on these cards will open the ADDA Security Dashboard.

Finally the Management Section. Some of the most used Applications are here.

We hope you enjoy the new Dashboard. Do send in your comments on the new Dashboard. We highly appreciate your feedback.

ADDA Elves

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