Agrihood: Real Estate, Community Farming & Food

by adda

There are more than 7 billion of us in the world, who at least have two meals a day but it’s shocking that only less than 2% of the population is actually involved in producing them.

No wonder our kids consume junk everyday right? Its high time we took a stand.

Agrihood is a new concept which is being widely embraced by the people in the United States. Instead of building residential communities around a golf course or tennis court, it’s developed around an organic community farm, where the kids can spend their leisure time farming and playing instead of sitting around alone in their apartment with video games and junk food.

Everyone prefers healthy food but producing it seems like a big challenge.

But what if you can bring people together working on a community farm like old times? There are currently more than 200 Agrihoods in America and the developers have begun to use this concept to lure the buyers.

Agrihood and Technology

Something revolutionary like Agrihood is not possible without partnerships and teams. Communication becomes a barrier when it involves a large number of people.

A tool like ADDA can resolve this. We provide a private social network where you can communicate, post pictures, form groups and even create an online poll for taking decisions. Imagine, waking up to a photo of a beautiful apple orchard that you created. You can broadcast individual e-mails and SMS to all the members, alert them about meetings and also create activities around the community garden, where people can join.

In case of any issues, you can raise an online ticket (complaint) so that the corresponding vendors would be notified and resolved immediately. The long process of decision making on purchases will get much faster and convenient through the purchase request feature.

An Extra Mode of Income

Consumers will be willing to spend money on farm-fresh goods and it will also be an extra mode of revenue generation for the community. All the income and expenses can be tracked through ADDA and the billing-accounting can be easily done through our software. ADDA would be a perfect technical blend to the heritage of community farming.

Agrihood - ADDA Blog

Remember when our parents used to describe their gorgeous childhood of running around in farms, fishing and grazing animals? Wouldn’t it be great if we could offer the same experience to our children?

They have right to good food and a healthy life and Agrihood can be a brilliant way to make sure they get it.

Agrihood has got a huge business advantage at the same time great environmental impact. Real-estate and food is one powerful combination that can bring communities together as one.

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