Can Visitor Management System Replace Security Hardware Investments?


Security – the one thing humanity can never get enough of. No matter how hard we try and how much technology moves forward by leaps and bounds, somebody always finds cracks in any security system. All over the world, security systems and protocols are in huge demand. Thanks to some very innovative ideas and researchers, we now have very efficient software for visitor management system & solutions as well. Everything from corporates to residential complexes have come to use such software security solutions and have started relying on them heavily. Because let’s be honest, software solutions have numerous benefits – primarily that they have no room for manual errors and that they don’t take days off like humans :).

But jokes apart, said software solutions are being improved and enhanced with each passing day. Millions of dollars of research money are being burned to improve algorithms, develop better accessories and make the system near next to unbreachable. And due to that many have begun wondering if one day, in the near future, such security apps will replace other hardware and maybe even human roles when it comes to security.

Security Requirements In Residential Complexes

Since our company primarily operates in this space and since improving life within apartment complexes is our main mission, let’s keep this article focused on whether software solutions can replace hardware and human roles inside housing societies.

Before begin discussing whether or not security apps can replace current systems and humans, lets first analyse the kind of requirement and tasks that are commonly seen in apartment complexes.

  • Manning entry and exit gates

This is the one task that you just cannot do without. Leaving the gates unguarded is like giving out an invitation to criminals. Hundreds of residents will be left vulnerable if each and every person and vehicle entering the premises is not checked and documented thoroughly. While most apartment complexes place their best guards at the gates, we cannot overlook the fact that manual error or negligence can cause grave security concerns. On days where traffic is higher than usual, guards could get overworked, and they will fail to do their duties correctly.

  • Record keeping

Most housing societies have been depending on ledgers and similar books to keep track of visitors, vehicle numbers and similar details. But the issue with using such physical books is that they can be intentionally or accidentally damaged pretty easily. Several months worth of records can be destroyed in a one go. That doesn’t present a good outcome, does it?

  • Patrolling the premises

The gates may not be the only entry points. People have, in the past managed to sneak in using various methods. And even someone who came in through the gates could hide and stay behind to come out in the night to commit something heinous. Constant patrolling, especially after dark is kind of necessary. This is one task that requires a human to perform. Because it takes a human to raise an alarm and physically stop the perpetrator.

  • Check/frisk staff and domestic helpers

Reports of petty theft by maids, drivers and similar employees are not uncommon. Most housing societies check such people to ensure that they aren’t carrying anything with them that wasn’t approved by the residents of the units they work for. This too is something the guards need to be diligent about. Small objects, spare cash, ornaments etc could easily be hidden on your person or your clothes.

  • Parking management, responding to distress calls, communicating with other guards

Being a security guard inside a housing society means that you should be juggling quite a lot of tasks without being sloppy or distracted. All of this requires training, efficiency and dedication to do. A single guard’s negligence can leave everyone vulnerable and so this is something that most apartment associations take seriously. Very often, associations give contracts to security agencies to provide trained, experienced staff, to perform these tasks.

Looking at the points mentioned above, which quite frankly are just the important ones, it is pretty clear that human error can lead to a lot of chaos. Noticing the threat in such a situation, companies like ADDA have come forth with innovative solutions like the ADDA Gatekeeper app which arms the guards and residents with a software solution that is easy to use and difficult to breach.

The Benefits Of Software Security Solution & Visitor Management System

It only takes common sense to understand that digital solutions are less prone to errors, negligence or even destruction. An app like ADDA Gatekeeper not only give the guards and residents an easier way to perform their daily tasks, it also helps them keep digital records of everything happening inside an apartment complex. Here are some features of the Gatekeeper app that literally strength the security system by leaps and bounds.

  • Guest Verification & Credential Capture

Nobody gets to check in unless their details – name, number, photo etc are captured, IDs verified and permission obtained from the unit they desire to wish. The details are then stored in the cloud of visitor management system for future reference complete with time and duration of their visit.

  • In-App Panic Alert Button

When disaster strikes, people barely have minutes to call for help. Understanding the seriousness of this, ADDA Gatekeeper comes built in with a panic alert button that immediately alerts personnel at the gates and a safety contact of your choice. Should the situation allow it, you can even select the nature of the emergency from a drop-down menu provided in the app.

  • Clocks Visitor Stay Duration

Each time a visitor checks into the apartment premises, the app will keep track of the time he spends inside. If a pizza delivery boy or similar person is extending his stay within the compound, the guards will be immediately alerted to this. This helps immensely with getting rid of potential criminals or even discouraging them from doing this altogether.

  • Log Of Visitors

Not only do the guards get to keep detailed records of visitors, owners of individual units get to see a list of visitors they had on any particular day. Such records could be of use someday. They are digitally stored, easy to access and enormously useful in case there’s a verification needed by officials and in situations where matters need confirmation.

  • Staff Management

Biometric attendance capture system is the best way to keep track of staff. Any other system is easy to cheat and someone else could mark the attendance on behalf of another employee. Digital records of staff attendance prove to be helpful when their salaries need to be calculated against the number of days they turned up for work. Yet another feature in ADDA Gatekeeper is that it lets you blacklist ex-employees who displayed bad conduct and was expelled from the premises as a result. He/she will be identified once again by the app and hence prevented from ever entering the premises again.

Can Software Solutions Work Without Hardware Or Human Assistance

Difficult question, but most experts would agree that as of now, software systems are not competent enough on their own. Here’s why –

  • Such solutions still require a human to operate it and feed the necessary details required to create and maintain records.
  • CCTV, although do nothing in preventing a crime, is vital to document what happened before, during and after the crime. They are a vital hardware component of all security systems that just cannot be replaced. Besides, their very presence often discourages crime by a large margin.
  • It still takes a human to step up and act during an emergency. It could be guards, it could be residents, but software cannot help here.
  • Although unlikely, such apps may crash. Only a handful of such cases have been reported, but it is a fact that it has happened. The app could be unresponsive for a short duration during which guards will have to make use of traditional methods or other hardware to do their duties.

So what’s the best method to ensure security of residents inside housing societies – a combination of both. A band of trained, efficient security personnel armed with an app like ADDA Gatekeeper is by far your best bet at ensuring a foolproof safety system. It combines best of both while also presenting a very discouraging picture to potential criminals.

If you really wish to see how far the app can go to improve your security, we suggest that you get in touch with us for a free demo. We’re sure you’ll be able to see how vulnerable you will be without it.


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