Revamped Feature – Manage Users is now Units and Users

by Krishanu

All information in a Residential Community, be it user details, helpdesk tickets, vehicles, etc. are all maintained around a Unit.

Thus, it was but obvious that we needed to have a view in ADDA, which gives all information related to a Unit, in an easy SINGLE birdseye view.

Welcome the new and beautiful “Approved Users” section, where we are providing you just that. This view, developed after extensive user research, is something which we believe will be an instant hit with you and it will be something you will love to use!

The old “Approved Users” module is being sunsetted.

Here’s how you can perform the following activities from the Approved Users page:

1. View an Edit Unit Details

Just click on any Unit from the left-hand panel and you will see a snapshot of all information related to the Unit. Click on any of the section like Vehicles, Unit Members, Staff, etc. to view respective information and edit it if required.


2. View and Edit User Details

Search for a Unit. Then click on the User’s name from the left-hand panel. The User’s information opens up. Actions like editing, Sending Communication, etc, are easily done from here.


3. Search for any Unit or User

Just enter any unit or username in the Search bar on top to bring up details of a particular Unit or User. You can also filter by Block.

Here are links to few FAQs related to the Approved Users section.

If you have further questions, you can search for the same in our extensive FAQs blog.

In case you need more help, we can arrange a training session for you. Please write to us at

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