ADDA at FM EXPO 2018, Dubai – Report

by adda

FM EXPO is one of the largest Facility Management events in the world. In 2018, ADDA was one of the proud exhibitors at the prestigious FM EXPO 2018 which was held at Dubai World Trade Center from 23-25 September. Being one of the very few Indian companies at the event, the exhibition was tremendously successful from our end. The other companies include some of the largest Facility Management companies from across the world like the United Kingdom, USA, Spain and United Arab Emirates.

ADDA at FM EXPO 2018 Dubai

What is Facility Management?

Before we start off with more details regarding the event it is imperative to know what Facility Management is and how ADDA is related to it.

Facility Management is a professional management service in Housing Societies and Commercial buildings to manage some very important factors that are crucial to smooth day to day operations in the complex. Some of the most important factors include fire and safety, building maintenance, security, cleaning, operations, staff management and maintenance of assets.

How is ADDA related to it?

ADDA offers complete automated and operational access to all the facilities via a central module with which managing the facilities in an apartment complex becomes completely hassle-free for the Management Committees and Maintenance Managers.

Some of the important features offered by ADDA in Facility Management include User Management, Helpdesk Tracking, Broadcast Notices, records of Facility/Asset maintenance and complaints and Inventory Tracking. Comprehensive Admin Reports are also available to get more visibility into costs and derive actionable insights making it a very helpful tool for the Association Management Committee and Maintenance Managers.

Seikh from Dubai at ADDA Stall FM EXPO 2018

FM EXPO 2018, Dubai

The two very important highlights from the Dubai FM EXPO are that

  1. The ADDA Stall was completely conceptualized, designed and executed by the ADDA employees. All the other stalls were outsourced to contractors.
  2. We came to realize that we had the best User Interface amongt all the other Facility Management Software products featured at the event (Hooray!).

Below are some of the Images that we captured from this successful event

ADDA Team at FM EXPO Dubai 2018

The ADDA Team at FM EXPO 2018, Dubai



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