Rise High Stories: Renewable Energy

by adda

Renewable Energy: Rise High Stories

The energy consumption in our country is just increasing day by day. Its predicted that India’s energy consumption is set to grow 4.2% a year by 2035, faster than that of all major economies in the world. We are already the world’s third-largest oil consuming country!

Its high time that we start thinking about alternatives and some of us have already successfully done it. Here are some success stories from the winners of ADDA Rise High Awards, under the category – Renewable Energy.

Raheja Eternity, Mumbai is a 229 units community, located adjacent to the beautiful greenery National Park at Borivali.

The builder handover to the new Society happened by the end of November 2016. Before the handover, the society expenses were extremely high and the maintenance charges per quarter was Rs. 54000/-. After the formation of Society, the members analysed the cost components and found that, cost of energy in common areas was one of the major expenses. It was Rs. 3,60,000/- per month and energy consumption was more than 830 units per day.

A few changes were done at first for the reduction of energy consumption. Like, all the conventional tube lights were replaced with LED bulbs, motion sensors were installed in stairs and parking areas, electrical circuit inside nine huge elevators have been modified. This itself created a huge difference in the electricity bill.

But the residents were not still satisfied. They insisted on installing a Rooftop Solar System. In phases, they installed 85 kw Rooftop solar system. And they are proud to say that there was a reduction in energy consumption from more than 830 units per day to 340 units per day with in a span of six months.

During recent summer, the electricity bill even came down even to Rs. 5000 from the initial bill of Rs.3,59,000 a year ago. And at the same time the maintenance charges came down to around to Rs.10,500 per quarter in place of Rs.54,000.

Even a Bangalore community has shared a success story under this category.

Brigade Petunia, Bangalore has installed a rooftop solar solution recently with cutting edge Israeli technology for optimizing energy production at their 96KW solar plant. The main objective in going for this setup was to reduce the carbon footprint along with reducing energy costs for common areas.

After analysing different available state of art technology, they decided to go with Solaredge Optimizers and Inverters. They implemented 96 KW Vikram solar panels with SolarEdge P700 Power Optimizers and Inverters over a period of 6 months, designed to reduce 86% of our common area electricity bills.

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